There’s no doubt that Canberra’s cityscape is truly evolving, becoming more innovative, inclusive and filled with precincts putting the capital on the map. One of the driving forces behind this is GEOCON and its development, Wayfarer, one of the largest projects the city has ever seen.

If you’re a frequent to the Belconnen area, the new Wayfarer apartment building on the corner of Eastern Valley Way and Aikman Drive has surely caught your eye.

With its stunning exterior architecture that is matched with cutting edge amenities and spectacular design within, Wayfarer is quite literally the pinnacle of Canberra’s inner-city living, proudly standing as the capital’s tallest residential building.

Many people would know the name Nick Georgalis, GEOCON Founder and Managing Director, who has propelled the company to where it is today from a small builder into an ambitious developer. However, a lesser-known fact is that the man himself grew up in Belconnen, so Wayfarerholds a particularly specials place in his heart.

“It makes me extremely excited and proud to think about what the area is turning into – a city within a city. What Wayfarer represents is the ‘new Canberra’, something that is very iconic,” he explains.

“If you look at Belconnen five years ago it was a bit of a ghost town, now you have this activation all day, all afternoon and all evening. It’s become a destination.

“Now, people are a part of the surroundings, part of the lake, part of the eateries and part of the lifestyle. Belconnen has an enormous population and employment base that’s always growing.”

The newest addition to the Canberra skyline has been designed to make a lasting impression, with a grand entrance, sun-drenched apartments, sky lounge, rooftop pool, over-sized balconies, floor-to-ceiling glazing and unrivalled views over Canberra just some of Wayfarer’s many striking features.

“This is one of our most ambitious projects to date, the tallest tower in Canberra and the fact that it is finished and almost completely sold out is fantastic. It’s a very special project that’s very unique, interesting and beautiful to look at, and we will continue to try and improve on that in our next project,” Georgalis says.

“One thing that we have noticed is that Canberrans are embracing height, they are sick of living under the canopy of a tree line, they want to tower above it.”

With prime positioning across from the Lake Ginninderra waterfront, Wayfarer’s apartments have been cleverly designed to capitalise on the water views with the residential apartments starting from level six. This smart design decision means that whether you purchase an apartment on level 6 or at the apex of the building, you’ll be able to share in the spectacular 360-degree views of Canberra.

“You are almost living in a piece of art that sculpts the landscape,” he says.

“Internally it is again something very special, because every single angle of the building, every single unit and every single apartment has a unique outlook.”

For aspiring Masterchefs, Wayfarer comprises state-of-the-art kitchens designed by renowned chef Tetsuya Wakuda. Your Wayfarer kitchen goes beyond the ‘dream kitchen’, it’s a centrepiece of your lifestyle experience and will see you creating your own gourmet delights with the very best in Electrolux kitchen appliances, induction cooktops and range hoods.

One thing GEOCON continues to do well is to create a sense of community within its developments. Beyond your apartment, residents at Wayfarer can interact in the sky lounge on level 25, a communal gathering space that takes entertaining to a whole new level. .. While way up on level 27, you’ll find Canberra’s highest crystal-clear infinity pool. Imagine floating peacefully on the water’s surface after a long day’s work, star gazing through the clear-glazed roof. Or glide across to the edge to take in the lit cityscape view.

Looking to the near future, there are even grander plans for Wayfarer with the announcement of Canberra’s largest mixed-used residential precinct, Republic.

“The next step for Belconnen in taking shape similar to that of the NewActon precinct. It’s going to be very lively and modern, have an activated ground floor, street theatre, gallery, retail, eateries, apartments and hotels. Republic offers a whole heap more than what we’ve seen before in Canberra and Wayfarer is a piece of that puzzle,” Georgalis says.

Parallel to Canberra’s ever changing landscape and evolution into the ‘cool capital’ we’ve all come to know and love, GEOCON continues to push the limits and break conventional boundaries of the building industry. Wayfarer is yet another testament to this, adding to the livability and incredible skyline of the city.

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