Bored of your usual Saturday night pub crawl? Spice up your weekly routine and delve into a fun, unique and challenging new hobby. Whether you’re seeking a solo experience or one to share, Canberra is brimming with a rich selection of activities waiting for you to try!

Bouldering at Blochaus

Join Canberra’s growing community of climbers at the indoor rock-climbing gym, Blochaus in Fyshwick. Fostering a welcoming, social and comfortable atmosphere, it’s the perfect place for beginners to dive in headfirst. With classes tailored to every skill level, a family-friendly zone and the general training area, you can go alone or with a friend at any time. Go bould or go home!


Challenge your mind and body with the trendy, ever-evolving workout, Pilates. With plenty of reformer and matt classes to choose from, discover all the benefits for your strength, flexibility and mental health. Try the low-impact, cardio mixed class at Strong Pilates; the nationally renowned, KX Pilates; a blend of Pilates, yoga, and barre classes at Ground Up and Braddon’s newest studio, Love Athletica.


Uncover a new creative outlet with the timeless art and skill of working with ceramics. Practice your patience, unleash your self-expression and immerse yourself in the rewarding and therapeutic world of clay. Try a wheeling throwing class with Clay Studio Canberra, a pottery painting class at Class Bento, or a hand-building workshop with the Seasonal Ceramicist, where you will craft a personalised piece of art you can take home with you.

Jewellery Making

Experience the satisfying, hands-on process of transforming raw materials into wearable art at a jewellery-making class. Create customised sterling silver or solid 9ct gold rings with Blonde Design; make beads with molten glass at Canberra Glass Works; or take on a silversmithing class with Venetia Major. Develop your style and skills in an open and welcoming environment at these interactive, beginner-friendly classes.


Uncover the beauty in the ordinary, capture special moments and transform your perspective of Canberra through the art of photography. No matter your experience, interests and style, delve into the freedom and creativity of the digital and film space. If you’re looking for guidance from the experts, check out the digital portraiture masterclass or dark room workshop at PhotoAccess; or join the beginners DSLR class at Glenn Martin.


Learn the ageless and traditional craft of working with wood. With endless possibilities to what you can create, find inspiration and guidance at Chigiri Plate Making classes with Koitoya, where you’ll design and carve timber with Japanese techniques. Or make your own kitchen spoon at the Two Shed Workshop or Meet Gather Collect.


If you’ve been itching to switch up your gym routine, why not delve into the boxing scene? Feel empowered in the open and supportive community, where you can train your fitness, strength and self-defence skills. With an array of gyms to choose from including Rumble in Reid, Stockade in Fyshwick and Choppers Gym in Dickson. Step outside your comfort zone and get in the ring!


Harvest fresh honey on demand once you’ve mastered the niche and valuable skill of beekeeping. Take on the two-day Beekeeping for Beginners course run by the Canberra Region Bee Keepers and learn how to adopt and care for your own hive in an urban environment like Canberra.



Get unique access to Lake Burley Griffin’s unparalleled beauty and tranquillity by taking up canoeing. With a menu of waterfronts to choose from, see the capital from a new perspective, while also training your fitness, strength and endurance. If you’re not sure where to start, check out the Burley Griffin Canoe Club website for equipment and coaching.


Take advantage of the Bush Capital’s lush natural surroundings and escape your daily stresses through hiking!  See Telstra Tower up-close atop the iconic Black Mountain Summit or get an unbeatable view of Lake Burley Griffin at the Mount Ainslie Lookout. Or take a short drive and become completely immersed in serenity, with a trek up One Tree Hill (25 minutes from Canberra City) or the Molonglo Gorge Trail (30 minutes from Canberra City).

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