Whether it’s beer or champagne, alcohol is second only to fat in terms of calories per gram/ml. If you are watching your waistline, you need to be mindful about your consumption. Binge drinking will not only place you on a fast track to a thicker waistline but also to a lack of resolve… Ever been out for a boozy night and craved naughty nibbles?  Ever woken up to find a Maccas wrapper in your handbag or chips and gravy under your nails?

Here are our top tips for keeping your alcohol intake (and hangovers) under control.

Stay hydrated

If you are going out for a few drinks, it’s important to stay hydrated. Alcohol is a diuretic and acts on the kidneys to make you pee out much more than you take in – which is why there is always a queue to the loo at the local nightclub! So, have one alcoholic drink followed by one sparkling WATER. If you do not stay hydrated your tongue will become dry the next morning and you are likely to have a shocking hangover.

Don’t be a ‘drunkorexic’!

Skipping meals to drink your calories is not a good idea. This worrying trend amongst females can be dangerous. You’ll feel the effects of alcohol sooner and you may drink more to try and curb that hunger. It is easy to consume a load of calories drinking glass after glass of champagne. Instead, enjoy a nutritious dinner and drink SLOWLY.

Have at least three alcohol-free nights per week

It’s not a good idea to drink every night. Your body needs a break from the alcohol. Instead, try having a ‘mocktail’ at home. A glass of sparkling mineral water with a squeeze of lime or a splash of cranberry makes a refreshing change.

It’s the alcohol, not the carbs

If you enjoy a beer or two and have decided to go for a low-carb beer to watch your waistline, I have some bad news. Although this sounds like a good idea, it’s not the carbs that are the problem. Carbs are worth four calories per gram, alcohol is worth seven calories per gram. So if you are truly watching your waistline, opt for a light/low alcohol beer rather than a trendy ‘low carb’ beer.

Avoid creamy cocktails or sugary spirits/spritzers

If you are watching your waistline, you already know that alcohol is laden with calories. When you mix that alcohol with creamy milk or a sugary soft drink, you can double the calories in the glass. If drinking spirits, mix with mineral water and a squeeze of lime to reduce the calorie content.

If you have a few events popping up in the coming months, enjoy a healthy meal before heading out and only drink water with your meal. Alternate one glass of your chosen beverage followed by one glass of mineral water. Ladies stop at two or three; fellas stop at three or four… and have a great (and safe) time.


Eat well, be well…

Lisa Donaldson APD