The world’s only mindful triathlon, Wanderlust 108, is coming to Canberra this Saturday, 19 November. Experience an energising and fun-filled day with your community that will leave your body, mind and soul feeling better than ever.

Wanderlust 108 will be bringing three events to Commonwealth Park: a 5K run or walk, a 75-minute outdoor yoga experience and a 30-minute guided meditation.

So what’s so unique about all this? From DJs on Stage 88 to local food and craft vendors, this will be like no other triathlon you’ve ever experienced. You’ll have the opportunity to hear nationally recognised speakers, teachers and musical talent that will be accompanying each event.

If you’re worried that all this mindful activity will make you hungry, don’t fret, Wanderlust has got you covered! You can purchase a picnic lunch online before the event, or choose from the range of local and organic food vendors.

You don’t have to stress if you’re not an experienced yogi, Wanderlust 108 is packed with beginner classes all day. According to the event itself, this is a triathlon for everybody – whether you’re a runner with a mild down dog habit, a yogi with fast feet or somewhere in between.

This is a non-competitive opportunity to try new things and push your boundaries alongside other like-minded Canberrans. Because what’s better than competition? Community!

So come along to Stage 88 at Commonwealth Park this Saturday between 8am and 4pm to experience a revitalising day outdoors. Be sure to bring your ID, ticket and yoga mat. Join the mindful movement – your mind, body and soul will thank you.

Check out the Wanderlust 108 website to purchase tickets and find out more.