1. Health that is better for the environment 

From the Adidas ‘sea plastic’ shoe lines to Bamboo sheets, 2017 and years previous have seen a boom in items in the health industry that have the environment in mind. This is a trend set to continue in 2018, with more eco-friendly products being released onto the market. This year more consumers, especially those paying the costs of a damaged climate (think cyclones, pollution etc.) will be looking for items that are not only good for their own health but for the health of our surrounding environment.

  1. Healthier Beauty Products

This year we expect to see an increase in the health consciousness of the biggest brands playing in the beauty sphere, not just the niche products that are too expensive for the young makeup obsessed and don’t match the quality of those dominant companies. An example of this is the increase in natural deodorants, like Native or Body Crystal, which are leaders in a market that are predicted to grow by 15 percent until 2022, according to a report posted on Markets Insider. Not only are products like natural deodorants better for us, they’re also better for our atmosphere – aligning with the first trend on this list.


  1. Intermittent Fasting

Fasting has been the topic of much debate in 2017. While it is seen by some as being restrictive and just another ‘fad’, many people find the method to have many benefits.

I personally have tried the daily 16-hour fasting and found that it gives your body a break from constantly processing food and makes you appreciate the food you eat more. You also choose wisely what the first meal you eat after 16 hours will be.

This trend is one that simply comes down to individual preference and finding what works best for you, and it’s sure to be a popular topic again in this year.

More info on fasting here.

  1. Wellness retreats

Whether it’s an escape from technology; from the stress of the workplace; or to give your mind and body a break (or some serious work), wellness retreats/escapes/holidays etc. are more popular than ever. Just within the yoga category alone, there are thousands of options, ranging from a two-day retreat to a few months, and taking place in countries such as Spain and Thailand. This trend is definitely one that will take charge in 2018, being backed by Instagram fitness gurus such as Tanya Poppet and Zanna Van Dijik.

  1. Moringa

Moringa is a plant food, or ‘superfood’, that is predicted to become another popular addition to people’s plates in 2018. The plant comes from a tree that is grown in South America and boasts anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and high protein properties along with a list of other benefits. Morigna is commonly used in powder form to be added to smoothies, soups or hot water, and has a spinach and earthy taste. Like Tumeric, a Moringa Latte is not out of the question for 2018.

6. Group Powerlifting

It’s always fun to do fitness activities in a group environment to help motivate you. Recently the trend of powerlifting has become a huge hit and people are getting very into it, both genders included! Venues including Ultra Powerlifting in Fyshwick are a great place to start your powerlifting journey!