Attention Canberrans, THE YASS QUEER EYE VIDEO IS OUT!

Remember when The Fab 5 were galavanting around Canberra and good old Yass? Well…Netflix has just released the video of the boys in the fittingly named town!

The boys head to Yass and we’re loving the familiar scenery as they’re chatting about their plans for George the farmer and bull rider.

The secret dad/son handshake between George and his son, Levi really gets us in the feels! What a legend for putting his dad forward to The Fab 5 to makeover, not to mention, he’s kind of hot…

Keep a queer eye out for Australia’s favourite spread, Vegemite in the kitchen with Antoni. Would you give his creation a try? Maybe someone needs to introduce Antoni to Vegemite and avocado on toast!

We’re getting teary over here and immediately want to crack out our best ‘G’day’ to everyone we walk past and embrace our Aussie spirit. Watch it before you’re the last one to get on the bandwagon.

Season 2 of Queer Eye is out now on Netflix!