We chat to Rebel Muse owner Alicia Xyrakis about her favourite designers, fashion ‘cringe’ moments and, of course, the season’s trends to look out for this Winter16.

How would you describe your personal style?
I like to think of it as effortless and a bit thrown together. A mix of classic and wardrobe staples with bolder statement pieces.

What is your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?
That’s like asking me to pick a favourite child! Most probably my leather pants. I wear them nearly all year round and they are such a good go to piece for all occasions.

What do you have your eyes on to buy?
I buy things for me personally when I do the buying for the shop, so I will just buy an extra for myself then if it’s something I really want! Our leather jackets just arrived in store and I picked up one of them for myself which I adore! The next thing I am hanging out to receive are our Dylain Kain bags. They don’t arrive in store until October but I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

What fashion trends should we look out for this winter season?
– Lots of different textures such as fringing, shaggy knits and wools, faux fur, embroidery detail and pleating.
– Exaggerated silhouettes are still strong coming through in the form of flares and wide-leg pants, bell sleeves and bishop sleeves, and balloon-sleeve tops.
– The off-the-shoulder trend has carried over from summer and translated into winter in longer sleeves and wooly/knit fabrics.
– In terms of accessories it’s hats, chokers, bandana scarves and big earrings are back! Especially in the shapes of crosses and hoops. Long live J-Lo!
– Leather is a constant every winter – leather pants, skirts and jackets are a must.
– Coats and jackets are boxing and oversized.
– Colours for winter are of course your standard black, grey, white and navy, with additions of deep reds such as mulberry and oxblood. Also khaki and forest greens.


What is your most loved product in store at the moment and why?
The Oxblood leather pants are amazing! But another winter saviour would be the Polo Anorak by Macgraw. It’s windproof and water resistant. When you wear it you actually feel like you have a big shield covering your whole body and protecting you from the wind and nothing can get to you. Perfect for the gross and icy cold Canberra winter.


Looking back, what is your most ‘cringe’ fashion moment?
Ever since I was a kid I was into fashion and dressing myself. So I definitely followed all the trends through each era, and every era had its moments. But it was most probably the early 2000s, which for the majority of I was convinced that I was either J-Lo or that I had stepped out of the movie You Got Served. I had a matching Champion tracksuit that had Champion written across the arse and I would wear it with a head scarf, Adidas superstars and giant hoe hoops. But hey, the Adidas superstars and hoe hoops are back in! Or even my Carrie Bradshaw-inspired baby blue knee length poofy dress that I wore to my year 10 formal.


Who are your favourite designers and why? 

At the moment I am loving Macgraw, Acler and Georgia Alice. Macgraw is one of our most premium brands in store, but you can tell why when you look at the product. They don’t follow trends and their aesthetic is a mix of classic, clean and minimalist with quirky twists. They do amazing shapes and use premium silk and lace fabrics, and all their products are made in Sydney.
Adelaide-based Acler is also another favourite of mine. Their products are always cut so perfectly and fit very well. They have a great mix of clean structured silhouettes with more floaty textured pieces.
Georgia Alice is a New Zealand designer who has a very modern and minimalist aesthetic. The pieces are quiet directional and fashion forward.


What is an average day like for you?
I usually get up around 6.30am and get into work by 8am. I use the morning to process online sales that have came through overnight, catch up on emails and all my admin work like bookkeeping, purchasing stock, paying invoices or updating the website or working on the blog. At 9.30am I start preparing the store for the day’s trade, doors open at 10am. Our main priority of the day is serving our customers.
Throughout the day we will also be looking after general housekeeping of the store, receiving and putting out new stock, remerchandising the store, processing online sales, taking flatlays or images for Instagram, replying to customer queries and updating the online store with the new stock that has been coming in. At 5.30pm we cash up the tills, vacuum, mop and close for the night.
Most evenings I will go to the gym and eat dinner at home. After dinner I open my laptop and continue working on all the admin stuff again until about 10pm. I usually hit the hay around 11pm. A couple nights a week I will probably catch up with friends after work at eat out. And about every second weekend I am in Sydney for a couple of days meeting with my brands and suppliers to view their next collections.


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