As we begin to eye-up those new-season pieces and our wardrobes begin to over spill, others are struggling.  Call it superficial, or blame it on a serious lack of self-control, we are all guilty of keeping unncessary clothing items we havent looked twice at all year. This spring, you can make your clean out count, opening your wardrobe and heart as part of the Hands Across Canberra  ‘Spring Clean’ campaign at Safe Shelter in Braddon.

This campaign is part of Canberra’s Biggest Garage Sale which is designed to encourage ALL Canberrans, young and old, to donate differently and auction their new and pre-loved items for those who need it most. Canberra’s Biggest Garage Sale initiative is now in its second year and Hands Across Canberra is urging people to get involved. Instead of the hassle of a traditional garage sale – you can simply upload a picture to the digital online sale hosted by ALLBIDS, Australia’s leading online auction and disposal service.

Donated items can be big or small – from books, toys and clothes to art, antiques and household appliances, tools, boats and even cars.

Peter Gordon, CEO, Hands Across Canberra said, “It’s so easy to give to Canberra’s Biggest Garage Sale. Donors upload photos of the items for auction and the buyers bid on them, it’s a very convenient way to be involved in something good. Buyers come and collect their items at a time that’s convenient for you. The auction proceeds will go to the Foundation, or you can nominate one of the 200 or more local charities aligned with Hands Across Canberra who will then receive the proceeds directly. Just visit create an account, photograph the items you want to donate and post them.”