Muji’s leading product designer Naoto Fukasawa held a masterclass on all things Muji to celebrate the Japanese based company’s recent foray in the Canberran market. Naoto spoke about his passion for design, minimalism and his driving factor Does this product make life easier?

After visiting the latest addition to the Canberra Centre and having recently booked my own European getaway (thanks instagram) my mind wandered to all things travel. What will I pack? What do I really need and what can I do without? Whist getting organised is half the battle this quick guide should prove helpful when thinking about what to pack once you’ve decided to treat yourself to your own adventure. For the busy modern man, here’s six ways to make travelling easier.

Before we continue, if you don’t like monochrome you’re in the wrong place.


Starting with the most important part of packing. Your suitcase. If you’re anything like me you’ll be shopping a lot so it’s always best to pack light but utilise a large suitcase for all the goodies you’ll accumulate on your journey. These options are sturdy and hold form which will protect your belongings when your suitcase is being tossed around by airline workers. Fitted out with wheels for easy transportation.

Clear Case

A huge part of travelling is being organised. Knowing what you need and where to find it when you need it is a huge time saver.  A clear case to keep your essentials is a great organisational tool. These cases can house your passport, your wallet, your own earphones and everything you need easy access to. This case is clear so it’s easy to find things at a glance rather than rifling through searching for your ticket when your flight gets called.

Subdivide Bags

Another organisational tool; subdividing bags are an absolute must! Keeping your underwear and socks in one of these bags stops them being tumbled around in your suitcase once you start to carry it upright. The larger bags are fantastic for compartmentalising your dirty washing keeping it from mixing with your clean clothes. It’s also a great way to keep track of items that you already have worn on your holiday.

Travel Size Tube

Also, it never hurts to have a back-up moisturiser. A travel size bottle of lotion is a great refresher for your face and hands as the air in the plane becomes quite dry and dehydrates your skin. Keep yourself feeling soft and fresh this organic lotion designed specifically for keeping your skin moist while travelling.

Nap Necessities

Once you’re on the plane and you’ve made it through your first movie it’s time to take a nap. A neck rest will give you comfort to sleep whilst also providing support for your neck. The comfort seems like it’s the most important thing we need in the moment but once you’ve arrived you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you supported your neck while you slept. Imagine spending your entire holiday with a stiff neck. These Muji options are machine washable and actually deflate for easy storage post journey.

Part two of the successful plane nap combo is an eye mask. This one needs little explanation. Block out the light and sleep tight.