Attention Instagram addicts and health foodies! Just when you thought the wellness world couldn’t get any wackier, enter the new wave of pastel lattes.

These colourful alternatives, also known as rainbow lattes, take the cake for ‘most Instagrammable beverage’ and are a great substitute to your morning coffee fix – without the caffeine injection and the added benefit of working wonders for your internal health.

The weird and wonderful flavours range from matcha green tea to beetroot and charcoal. Keen to give one a try? Or game enough to give them all a go? One of the biggest flavour ranges of these delightful little cuppas can be found at Braddon’s very own Kith + Nosh.

$5 for small and $5.50 for large. Check it out:



Heals the body form and maintain connective tissue, bones, blood vessels and skin.

Great source of manganese, which aids healthy bone structure and creates essential enzymes for building bones.



Acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Helps with arthritis management.

High in antioxidants.



Works as a digestive cleanse.

Reduces joint pain.

Increases energy and aids mental function.

Great for gut health, clear skin and general well-being.



Helps boost metabolism.

Detoxifies the body natural and effectively.

Calms the mind and relaxes the body.

Aids in concentration.



Helps prevent colds.

Boosts one’s metabolism.

Reduces bloating.

Boosts energy.