Canberra is brimming with cultural attractions and outdoorsy fun for kids to do this spring. From museums to parks, the capital has it all! Little ones will get giddy with excitement at the prospect of heading to the National Zoo and Aquarium with a variety of both exotic and native animals, or learning about all things science at Questacon with various interactive exhibits on display. No matter which fun option, there’s something for everyone in this Kids’ guide to Canberra – event the young at heart!

National Arboretum Canberra

Be sure to explore the walking trails and picnic areas with incredible panoramic views around the Arboretum for kids to discover. Kids can also swing, slide and climb around the adventurous nature-themed Pod Playground which features giant acorn cubbies, nest swings, banksia pods and a spiral slippery slide. In addition, to celebrate Grandparents Week, the Arboretum is having a Kite making for Grandparents event on Saturday 22 October from 10am to 3pm, where kids can create and decorate their own kite, then show their flying skills to their grandparents. The cost is $10 per kite.

Australian National Botanic Gardens

There’s a lot of fun places to explore at the Australian National Botanic Gardens including the Children’s Discovery Walk, where kids learn about the importance of plants and animal biodiversity. Kids can pick up a booklet at the visitors centre which will take them on a journey to nine activity stations along the 30-minute trail.
On Saturday 5 November, the gardens are open at night for the afterDARK Spring Scavenger Hunt. Make sure to bring a torch to be able to follow the clues that lead you to treasures and treats, and discover insects and animals that come out at night in the gardens. You can expect prizes to be won for the first to complete the scavenger hunt.


The Canberra classic and iconic institution Questacon is for curious minds that is dedicated to all things science and technology. Kids can explore the many hands-on exhibits and enjoy the array of science demonstrations. The BOC Liquid Nitrogen Show is taking place on Monday 24 October and is a fun and explosive show based upon the science of the amazing substance known as Liquid Nitrogen, one of the coldest substances known to man! The show involves science concepts such as boiling points, pressure, changes of state and the effects of freezing.

The National Zoo and Aquarium

The National Zoo and Aquarium has been astounding kids since 1990. The zoo is situated on seven hectares of land with a variety of native and exotic animals. Make sure to keep an eye out for lions, tigers, bears, and a few tall spotted giraffe friends as well. The zoo allows an interactive family tour where you can meet and feed some of the zoo’s favourite animals, including the sun bear and fallow deer.  For the kids that are keen to find what it takes to work at a zoo, a program called Kids Keeper for Day is available during the year where you learn what it takes to be a zookeeper and be educated about conservation issues.

Old Bus Depot Market – Christmas Kids

This year the Old Bus Depot Market will have a new themed market, ‘Christmas Kids’. Children’s faces will light up with the sight of Christmas trees and decorations. You can expect to see Christmas themed stalls and activities for kids to enjoy. It’s the perfect outing to experience to get your into the spirit of Christmas – so be sure to save the date of Saturday 3 December.

Image courtesy of VisitCanberra.