The key dates this fortnight are in mid-April, when Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, optimism and expansion, connects with Pluto, lord of transformative forces and hidden wealth – the original powerbroker. Matters linked to events at the time of their last contact in mid-January may resurface to be dealt with more effectively. The New Moon in Aries on 16 April is a good time to commit to personal goals and to try something new and innovative, especially as Mercury is also turning direct – a revitalising moment to move onwards and upwards!


With the New Moon in your sign together with electrifying Uranus, the planet of independence and abrupt change, expect the unexpected mid-month. Rebellious attitudes, either your own or of those around you, suggest impatient or impulsive moves and the risk of misunderstandings. Assertiveness without being abrasive will help you take charge and reaffirm your own personal courage. Keep proactive – make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen to you.


Venus, your sun sign ruler and planet of attraction and pleasure, is in your sign until the 26th this month, boosting relationships and physical pursuits. The New Moon mid-month in your retreat and reflect sector supports reaching constructive conclusions, cleaning out or unexpectedly winding up matters. This period favours behind the scenes preparation for things to come. Around the 14th there is also a chance to refresh partnerships and reach an important decision regarding them.


Mid-month is an opportune time to reset work relationships and put them on a better footing as your ruling planet, Mercury, ceases retrograding. As it moves forward, relationship matters can be clarified, old friends may reappear and previous delays resolved. This New Moon with individualistic Uranus in your group associations sector may coincide with some unexpected liaisons, or the challenge of accepting/rejecting other people’s agendas and ideas. Best to keep your own counsel for the moment.


This New Moon mid-month continues to put the focus on your professional status and public involvement. You may find yourself caught off guard by sudden changes in the workplace but also the possibility for greater independence if you’re open to it. With any changing circumstances in your public life don’t ignore the effect it may be having on your private life – be more open to partners, adapt to their needs and make amends if you have upset them recently.


Don’t stop believing in yourself. With professional ambitions still in the spotlight, time can be well spent building connections to those who can help you to manifest your creative aspirations. There is a lot under review regarding your future and whatever difficulties arise now can be taken as suggestions as to how your long-term plans may need to shift. The mid-month New Moon highlights exploration of unexplored territory bringing unexpected discoveries or solutions to situations you previously thought limited.


This mid-month New Moon puts the focus on what you are prepared to share in a relationship, in terms of joint possessions and finances as well as whether you feel comfortable in sharing at a deeper, more intimate level. With Mercury, your sign ruler, turning direct now is a good time for going ahead with any financial plans that have been delayed or put on hold. Good news may come via a chance encounter with someone in your neighbourhood or a sibling.


This mid-month New Moon with Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, in your relationship sector suggests that your partnerships are likely to be anything but boring. You may be drawn to someone because of their eccentricities or be surprised by what you find out about your partner that you didn’t know about before. Whatever the case, relationships of all types are likely to undergo rapid reappraisals or realignments to emphasise more flexibility and freedom.


The mid-month New Moon with unpredictable Uranus suggests you need to be ahead of the game by having a Plan B. Your schedules or routines are unlikely to go as planned so be prepared to bend like bamboo in the wind to get the best results. This fortnight is favourable for finding greater freedom within restricted or overly predictable schedules and situations and being more open or accepting of people in a position of influence over you.


Your love life, children and free time activities are highlighted with this mid-month New Moon. This is a good time for taking a more playful approach to dealing with life and facing any challenges sent to try you. Indulge yourself in favourite hobbies or special interests and take a more romantic approach to a relationship that has lost its lustre to rekindle emotion. Self-expression through play is life’s best therapy at the moment.


This mid-month New Moon is putting the focus on the solidity of your life foundations – your home, parental and family relations. Saturn, your ruling planet at home in Capricorn, currently stressing the importance of maintaining boundaries is now at odds with disruptive Uranus. The challenge here is to reassess family loyalties in terms of the support they provide – are they contributing to you realising your own personal goals or holding you back with inflexible or unrealistic expectations of you?


With this New Moon falling in your sibling and neighbours sector, these relationships may be put to the test by unexpected or unpredictable reactions from them, but wait till after the 17th before responding to any provocation. Mid-month is better for reassessing career initiatives and seeing how you can have more control within your work environment. This is generally a time of professional expansion and a good moment for courting people in a position of influence who can be of assistance.


This New Moon with unpredictable Uranus in your finance sector suggests a reassessment of financial plans, investment opportunities, incomings and outgoings with a critical eye to covering yourself in the case of unexpected expenses. Not the moment for a shopping spree mid-month as you’re likely to succumb to some heavy duty impulse buying and blow your budget for the rest of the month. You can always start financially planning a holiday trip abroad, without the cost of paying now.