The key dates this fortnight are the 26th, when Mars, the planet of drive and determination, combines with Pluto, lord of transformative forces and hidden wealth, in Capricorn, the sign of material order and defining boundaries, and the Full Moon in the fixed water sign of Scorpio on the 30th. Full moons are revelatory and this one may bring hidden emotional depths and secrets to the surface, shifting focus onto emotional security. Obsession is a key word for everyone mid-week.


The middle of this week may see you caught up in a power battle if you allow quiet obsession or increased ambition get the better of you. This will most likely take place in public as Mars, the warrior planet and your sign ruler, and Pluto, raising power and control issues, are combining in your career sector. This is a good time for channelling and tensions into demanding mental or physical work.


With the Sun now in your fixed earthy sign the emphasis should be on slowing down and taking time out to smell the roses but you might have to wait till the end of the week, after the Mars/Pluto conjunction on the 26th, when the more obsessive side of your nature may come to the fore and result in a tendency to preach or dominate others over what you believe to be true, especially with partners given the Full Moon in your relationship sector.


The Full Moon on the 30th throws light on your health and well-being sector. This is a good time for focusing on what you need to do to take better care of yourself and reflecting on how you put yourself at the service of others, are you really being of assistance or unnecessarily draining your energy? Expect intense competitive feelings to arise mid-week which would be best channelled into physical tasks and constructive obsessions.


Obsession and jealousy regarding a relationship could bubble to the surface mid-week, with the risk of making yourself an enemy if you let it overtake you, or you may find yourself embroiled in a power battle with your partner or spouse. There is a lot of determination, physicality and tension in play at the moment which needs release. Tackle situations in a frank, direct manner and give yourself more space.


A determined attitude in connection to your daily work can effect permanent changes mid-week. Avoid if you can any provocations from colleagues or boss as an up to now level of manipulation against you may rise to the surface to unsettle you. Protect your health and don’t let emotional reactions take a physical toll. Engage the services of a professional if you feel you can’t fix a problem yourself.


Mid-week is best for putting a lot of effort into an individual project or sport that you do as this is a highly physical moment connected to determination and hard work. Matters regarding children in your care may see some changes now – don’t let yourself be manipulated by them. The Full Moon on the 30th shifts the focus to siblings and neighbours when any hidden agendas on their part are likely to come to light.


Events mid-week may create a tense atmosphere at home, one of jealousy or mistrust, or it may be just an unsettled time due to home renovations, redecoration, and other changes to the place where you live. It is a good time to get physically heavy and demanding jobs out of the way while you have the determination to do so. The Full Moon on the 30th is helpful for clarifying your financial position, especially in relation to home and family matters.


This Full Moon in your own sign at the end of the month can bring clarity to issues around emotional boundaries – seeing where you project your issues onto others or, conversely, take responsibility for emotions that are not yours – so you can strip away needless drama. This can be especially true in relation to your siblings, questioning their underlying motives to get to the heart of any outstanding or unresolved issues.


With this mid-week Mars/Pluto power combo in your property and finance sector you may get quite obsessed over possessions – things you own, or want to own, or something that someone else owns. This, together with the Full Moon on the 30th illuminating the most hidden and private corners of your life, can describe a momentary ruthless approach to personal finances, money making and getting your own way in business situations. You may also be feeling more secretive about what you are doing with your resources


Mars and Pluto together in your sign mid-week point to increased and obsessive personal ambition. You may be drawn into power battles or potentially difficult circumstances with somebody senior or in authority in your life. Something secret, hidden underground or concealed may be the subject of much of the tension. This is a demanding time and you may also be making fundamental plans to change your career direction. Keep busy and focussed.


This Full Moon in your career sector will help clarify your professional standing or the life direction you have taken, but first you need to get past any issues that arise mid-week. You may feel controlled, powerless and utterly frustrated at any attempt to manipulate you, but try and focus your energies on changing other peoples’ lives rather than on yourself. You may find yourself dealing with other peoples’ secrets.


A fundamental change or sudden power balance shift with regards to group associations or friendships based on sharing common interests could come about mid-week. Fights for control or jealousy may come to the fore, dividing and destroying the status quo. Try not to get dragged into ‘all or nothing’ confrontations. Perhaps your hopes and dreams are at stake in some way but you’ll understand the need to be more realistic in the future.