This fortnight the focus is on Mercury, the planet of communication and negotiation, moving retrograde in fiery Aries. Retrograde motion refers to the movement of a planet when it appears to reverse direction. This happens due to an optical illusion caused by differences in orbit between the Earth and Mercury, the fastest planet in our solar system. It enters apparent retrograde motion three to four times a year, for about three weeks at a time.


With career and status in the spotlight this fortnight you’ll be working hard, but watch what you say as it may be misconstrued, and remember to bite your tongue occasionally to avoid unnecessary confrontation. Mercury now retrograde in your sign suggests reviewing how you appear to others. Do you need a change of image? Time to think more carefully about what you say, and the impact that it has on other people, while still being true to who you are.


With your ruling planet, Venus – pleasure and attraction, moving into your sign on the 30th, you may be feeling the need for extra pampering and some inner peace and calm. Mercury retrograde in your retreat and solitude sector can incline you to be a little more introspective and less outgoing than usual. Keeping your thoughts to yourself now will prepare you for finding the right moment to speak in a few week’s time. It’s probably best to take your own advice rather than relying on others at the moment.


With Venus triggering a need for more serenity in your life and Mars/Saturn in your shared finances sector, you may be feeling the pressure of loans or debts and have a feeling of constantly needing to fight to survive. Remember this will pass. Take time to review your ambitions to make sure they are still relevant for you as you go forward. Mercury retrograde also indicates a good time to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while.


The Sun is currently highlighting your career and status sector, but with Mercury retrograde advising caution in how you express yourself to those in positions of authority as your words may be taken out of context. Review your work prospects in the coming fortnight, and ask yourself if you need a change of role, or just attitude. This is a good time to complete work already started, but not for taking on new work till Mercury turns direct.


What do you believe in Leo? Mercury retrograde over the next couple of weeks suggests a revision of what you know and what you think the future holds. Are you really following your life philosophy or do you need a change of course? This is a good time to get a wider perspective. They say that travelling broadens the mind and it may help, but expect delays and hitches if you are taking a long trip or going abroad.


Mercury retrograde in your shared finances sector suggests you review any debts you have and pay off monies owed. Now is not the time to take out new loans or renegotiate repayment contracts. Your free time may be limited, possibly due to extra demands on your time you can’t avoid, like overtime. This situation is temporary and will get back to normal with Mercury direct. Good time to talk about things openly in your most intimate relationships.


Mercury retrograde in your relationship sector suggests a review of your partnerships, both personal and professional, over the coming weeks. It is time to get things out in the open and to discuss the real issues so that you can set a fresh course – not doing so could lead to confusion, misunderstandings and compound any problems. If past partnership issues come up again they need to be definitively put to rest.


Mercury retrograde in your health sector puts the focus your general well-being and what you can do to improve it. Now is a good time to try out a new fitness regime or a change of diet, or you may want to adjust your work routine to make it better suited to your needs. Relations with co-workers could be made difficult by misunderstandings at work, especially around the 2nd, when a temporary hold on communications, contracts and decisions is advisable.


Mercury retrograde in your romance and creative pastime sector suggests a review of your romantic expectations and creative ideas. A past flame may reappear unexpectedly or keep distractingly popping up in your thoughts. If you have children or work with them you may not be feeling very jovial, making play seem like hard work and communication with them more difficult. The first days of April best for looking seriously at your financial situation with an eye to the future.


The spotlight is currently falling on your home and domestic life sector. Past matters to do with family may return, hopefully not to haunt you. You may be already reappraising your domestic situation or directing your attention at improving your living space, redecorating or rearranging. Mercury retrograde suggests you think more carefully about what you say to family members and those you live with to avoid possible confusion and misunderstandings between you and those you live with.


A busy fortnight ahead, focused on your communication and networking skills, dealing with documents and short distance travel. You may have to review a contract or chase up correspondence that has gone astray. Be attentive to the messages you are putting out to avoid giving the wrong impression, especially when dealing with siblings and neighbours. Don’t lose sight of your dreams and contact with those who share them with you.


It’s time to think more carefully about your finances – earning and spending and review any business ideas or plans. Matters in group situations may be difficult at the beginning of April as you could feel isolated from everyone else or that someone you trust is over critical of your efforts. Going against the wishes of the majority will only halt your ambitions now so shift focus and bide your time till a better moment comes along.