“What is your death row meal?”  It’s the perfect convo starter on Bumble to sift through the talent based on responses. For example, if he hits you with a kale salad, abort mission. On the other hand, if you get an admission of ‘fried chicken’ or ‘drumstick emoji’ continue to second base.

If you’re a fried chicken thug from way back, you probably know the top places to try in Canberra, but if not, we suggest you use the fried chicken grease from your fingers to slick your hair back (you don’t want any wispy strands in your way) and get ready to be down and dirty in drumsticks.

[Disclaimer: it was impossible to order the below in a best- worse sequence as they all have their own unique attributes.]

Bad Betti’s

Unlucky that you lost her Mr. Bravo- because Betti knows how to make the baddest fried chicken in town. Betti’s ‘freakin fried jerk chicken’ is seriously tasty seasoned with secret spices from the Caribbean and a creamy dipping sauce- you’ll almost feel badder than Betti eating it.

Gami Chicken & Beer

You know when chicken is in the name that they know how it’s done. You don’t need to look pretty here as you’re expected to tackle this one like a champion. Have it your way with original, sweet chilli, soy garlic or spicy options. Down it with friends and a bevvie and you’ve got a perfect afternoon.

Young & Frisky

No matter if you’re a thigh kinda guy or you prefer to wing it, both options are a treat at Y&F. We suggest teaming up their succulent fried chicken pieces with a delicious side of crinkle cut fries with Frisky shake seasoning. Go mouth-for-mouth with a dish of mac ‘n’ cheese and don’t shy away from a cheeky pickle. Personally, we get around the chipotle and Canadian maple though if you have your doubts in choosing a dipping sauce when ordering fried chicken, always hit the house sauce – in this case the Frisky Sauce.

Chez Kimchi

Tie your hair back, take your rings off and dear god don’t let bones scare you into making the wrong fried chicken choice. Get in deep and get in dirty with the Ganjung fried chicken. And, thank us later.

Baby Su

They may be the new kid on the block, but they are no strangers to a perfect piece of chicken. Wings and drummies with Baby’s secret seasoning (also a super cute box) are available. We got the top tip ‘not to dip’ too deep into sauce with this gourmet fried chicken because it’s a standout for its crisp crunchy texture that shouldn’t be overpowered.

Grease Monkey

Word among locals is that the fried chicken from GM is the KFC replica (with a bit of class). For this reason, we advise keeping it old school with sides and teaming up a mash + gravy and coleslaw combo for a luxe twist on the classic.


This fried chicken was first sampled at the Multicultural Festival and a sigh of relief was exhaled when we realised they now have a venue where the old Smoque once resided in the City. Any KorBq frequent flyer knows the Korean chilly fried chicken is where it’s at. The mouth-watering sweet/ spicy coating will have your taste buds in a tanty.


Last but definitely not least, Kingsleys (aka the heart of CBR). Our iconic non-pretentious fried chicken location – often visited on shameful Sundays or when playing tour guide to interstate visitors. They never disappoint and bless them for never changing their old school advertising. Obs order a chicken piece combo teamed up with ‘awesome chips’ and gravy, but let’s be real you’ll need a post mix to offset that super salty coating. Hot tip for reheating Kingsleys chicken the next day: jokes who has any leftovers.