Got the vaycay blues? Here are 5 steps to trick yourself into being happy about returning to work. To be consumed with copious amounts of coffee- obviously.

Get Organised

 When you get into the office, the first thing you’ll want to do is get yourself organised. That might mean getting yourself physically or mentally organised. Don’t rely on drab office stationary to spark your motivation and get you going. Instead hit up a stationary store to personalise your gear and have you feeling like a boss. Need some inspiration? Check out Typo – for a range of seasonal prints and designs, you’ll be as organised as Lorraine Murphy in no time!  

Review (and Possibly Revise) Your To-Do List 

Chances are your vacation plans have hindered crossing off an item or two on your to-do list. So now’s the time to take a quick glance at your calendar to review it. Then revise your to-do list accordingly. You may also need to rework your calendar itself if you have new, more pressing items pop up in place of others. Regardless of what you have to do, having a clear idea of the weeks ahead and a list you can tackle day by day will help ease your stress.

“You are who you surround yourself with”

So why not surround yourself with the best in business, sport or fashion? How you ask? Well a podcast of course! In today’s busy world the convenience of podcasts has made them more popular than ever.  In fact, there’s likely a podcast covering pretty much any topic you can think of. This year why not get yourself motivated to smash it at work or turn your side hustle into the next big thing!  Our picks:  


Featuring interviews with leading entrepreneurs, this podcast is ideal for people looking to tread their own path. Each interview covers the worst mistakes made by the entrepreneurs, and the lessons they learned from their work. 

The Leadership Dojo 

Hosted by Alex Barker, this podcast features interviews with some of the greatest and most inspirational leaders, from business CEOs to famous Olympic athletes to best-selling authors. Alex aims to help listeners learn success principles from leaders and how to apply them to daily life. 

Working Girl

Dressing for the heat can be tough enough but trying to put a look together when it’s sweltering out and a freezing cold tundra inside, is its own form of hell. With a new year officially upon us it’s time to restock your wardrobe with some key pieces that you can wear to the office and beyond. Consider it the grown-up version of back-to-school shopping. If in doubt, there’s not much a classic white shirt and black midi skirt can’t fix! 

Last attempt to keep those vacation vibes going… 

If you brought back souvenirs from your vacation, bring them or wear them to work. For example, pair a new necklace you bought on the boardwalk with a work dress — you can look at it throughout the day and be reminded of your vacation. You can also incorporate your sense of smell or taste by using diffusers with oils to remind you of places you travelled to or sip some of that local coffee you brought back. Tapping into your senses will help you transform the positive energy from your vacation to your workplace.