The Mawson Club’s philosophy involves providing for their guests and members fresh, modern, classic food with a twist within the south of Canberra. Not only does the club have original and traditional dishes on their menu, but also innovative additions to these classics, fantastic function spaces and club specials to enjoy throughout the week.

Guest satisfaction and service is what it’s all about at The Mawson Club, with the mantra of a happy guest makes for a happy venue, which is exactly what The Mawson Club achieves. With options from the grill, house made burgers, club favourites including bangers and mash, a whole schnitzel menu, and healthy options also available, the club has something for everyone.

Being newly re-furnished, The Mawson Club matches the fresh feeling by providing seasonal menus so there will always be something new for the community of Mawson and the surrounding neighborhoods to enjoy. The spring/summer menu is on the way and with the recent launch of the functions and Christmas menus – there is always something new and exciting to look forward to.

First impressions are key and the Mawson Club does not disappoint. The atmosphere and ambiance of the café area really complemented the food we were served during our visit and also matched the current menu as a whole.

The first dish we were served was the Pan-fried Catch of the Day. The fish was cooked to perfection and incorporated with sautéed potatoes, delicious crispy bacon, and a spinach salad with a tangy lemon dressing. Pairing fish with bacon isn’t usually something chefs do, however Head Chef, Ben says it gives a modern twist to the classic Catch of the Day dish, and we definitely agree.

Next we were treated with the Shredded Kale Salad. Now, don’t be put off by the kale; this dish was superb and magnificently healthy while providing the goods of appetizing food. The kale was paired with baby spinach to further accentuate the healthiness of the dish, while toasted and roasted macadamias were tossed through as well as freshly baked baby beetroot that made the dish that tad extra flavorsome. Marrying well with this combination was the goat’s cheese and garden-fresh peas, topped with a sesame-infused olive oil dressing to create the ultimate super-salad.

The Mawson Club’s grilled Surf and Turf or, as they like to call it, The Saddle and Paddle can be enjoyed by members for just $15 on Thursday nights. The juicy piece of beef topped with prawns and served with the classic chips and salad made for a great all rounder dish. The clever name, great value, and fantastic flavours is the what The Mawson Club loves to provide for their guests and community.

Lastly, we were served the Salted Sichuan Pepper Squid. The chickpea salsa and wasabi lemon aioli was a wonderful and original combination and the explosion of flavours was delightful and just another example of how The Mawson Club is using great ingredients and spices to bring a fresh and modern feel to its valued members and their guests.