All the single ladies (and men) put your hands up! I’m no Beyoncé or don’t come close to any love expert like the debatable ones on MAFS. But you can take it from someone living their self-proclaimed best single life to know what it’s like.

If you’re feeling as single as a record that didn’t make it to an album, here’s 21 things to do only when you’re single that ain’t so bad!

  1. Eat that whole pizza to yourself and don’t even think about sharing it (or feeling guilty)
  2. Watch MAFS or other reality dating shows and lol at how complicated their dating lives are
  3. Take up the entire bed to yourself. Left, right and centre.
  4. Speaking of beds… They say cuddling makes you warmer? Wrong. Having the whole covers to yourself makes you warmer
  5. Podcasts. Nothing like listening to a gory crime podcast to deflect any feels you have
  6. Drive-thru Maccas. An empty passenger seat= more space for your food to sit
  7. Talk to whoever you want, whenever you want, however you want. Cute barista? You bet
  8. Go to a theme park and pass through all the single rider lines in one-tenth of the time a normal line takes
  9. Netflix and actually chill. Drink tea, wear your bed socks and watch your binge series with zero effort involved.
  10. Watch cat videos (might as well fit the stereotype)
  11. Get your swipe on Tinder and become flattered at all the souls out there who find you attractive
  12. When Winter hits, say bye to shaving your legs
  13. Drink.
  14. Buy yourself nice things and justify it thanks to the concept of treat yo’self
  15. Wear what you want. Want to wear half a shirt? Great. Want to rock the homeless look today? Even better
  16. Get extra hours of sleep because you have no one to stay up to talk to (who’s the real winner here)
  17. Burn for hours in the gym and impress…. Your reflection
  18. Have a gym bae (that you don’t actually talk to because how?)
  19. Solo travel. You could book a trip to the depths of Alaska tomorrow with no reception and there’s no one to hold you back (ok, except for work)
  20. You don’t have to be spotless all the time because no one will know. Too tired to clean the dishes? Tomorrow’s problem
  21. Cliché but you can do what you actually want to do whether that be learning a language, playing a sport again or anything on this list

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