In summer a man can rely on his back pocket to lug around his daily gadgets, but coming into winter he’ll need to upgrade to something that will fit a few more layers or even just a chapstick – do boys carry chapsticks? Our columnist Jay hunted down the perfect pack.

As more and more of Canberra’s guys are on the glow up its time we tackle a serious issue coming into winter fashion; what’s the IT Bag for fellas right now? The answer is, of course, The Backpack. Sportswear and urban influences are predominant in the menswear universe this winter and many fashion-conscious city dwellers such as myself are switching it up and sporting favourable athleisure looks. Guys who need to get around from A to B on foot and lug their gym gear and various essentials such as the obligatory keys, phone, wallet. I mean is there anything daggier than overstuffed pockets? I think not. Not to mention overstuffing your pockets stretches out your jeans and does major shape damage to your wallet and its contents.

The backpack made a crucial comeback after a number of major fashion houses updated their take on the tried and true staple. From fashion heavy hitters such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci producing luxury leather down to streetwear savvy and more affordable labels such as Kenzo and Calvin Klein who served weather durable nylon options.

Due to its practicality and everyday use, I can understand not wanting to break the bank on an item that will undoubtedly take a beating. My wish list item of the week is both style conscious, affordable and carries some designer street cred.

The Medium KENZO logo backpack. Its many exterior and interior pockets, as well as its adjustable and padded shoulder straps, make it an accessory that you can’t go on without. And if the medium doesn’t fit all your needs Kenzo also make a larger size both available from and ship directly to Canberra within a week. With fashion being so readily available due to internet boutiques and so easily affordable due to their competition there’s no excuse for not lifting your game gents.