Forget 12-days of Christmas, Eighty8 Fitness is stretching it to 6 weeks of Xmas challenges.  Health and fitness are not generally found at the top of Santa’s naughty or nice list, but it doesn’t have to be this way with the help of the Eighty8 family.

Sweat into the festive season so when Christmas rolls around you can indulge guilt free. Six-weeks of prep won’t be as excessive as the amount of pork crackling and pavlova you consume this year. And, your New Year’s resolutions won’t seem as daunting if you stay motivated until the silly season hits.

Eighty8 Fitness brings you the 6-week Christmas challenge!!!

Reward yourself with an early Christmas present and be a part of the last Eighty8 fitness Challenge for the year!
The Christmas challenge allows you the perfect opportunity to tick off your end of year strength/fitness and fat loss goals, create and maintain healthy nutrition habits and be a part of fun, encouraging and motivating support base.

All levels of training experience are welcome at Eighty8. They have modified exercises and scaling options to suit every trainer.
Two membership options are available for the 6 weeks:

  1. Unlimited classes (Strength/ functional/ cardio/ conditioning/ boxing/ yoga/ mobility/ core/ beginners)
  2. Unlimited shared personal training and classes

On top of your training, the challenge includes: fun weekly fitness challenges, strength benchmarking, goal setting, body scans/ assessments, prizes and a continued focus on working towards maintaining healthy nutrition habits.

The challenge kicks off Monday 29 October and ends Saturday 8 December, where the session will commence with Eighty8 games before celebrating your achievements at the Eighty8 Christmas party where the team will take on a bar crawl in place of the usual Saturday bear crawl.

To sign up or for more information, register your details here.
Or Email: [email protected]

It sounds crazy that we would be giving away 6 – weeks of pain, but with the hard work comes a lot of reward! Tell us in the box below what your health/fitness goals are before Christmas for your chance to win a free six week challenge at Eighty8 Fitness.

Eighty8 Christmas Challenge