Melbourne Cup is just a few weeks away and girls across the country will be investing hours in making sure they are fashion-ready for the big event, whilst guys will be preparing their suits and reading up on Sports Bet so that they can win cash on the winning horse of the day.

We love the spring racing carnival and everything that comes with it. One of those things, is the different stereotypes you can guarantee to see out at each racing day. Here are the 10 types of people you will see at Thoroughbred Park for Melbourne Cup day.

  • The messy chick

The girl who rocks up looking like a 10, and goes home looking like a 2. Extra points to the girls that go home shoeless, after taking them off or breaking them at some point throughout the day. These are the same people who probably failed to sneak into the VIP area.

  • The gambler

They go along for one reason, and for one reason only… to WIN MONEY!! Don’t expect them to be doing a lot of socialising, this is a serious day for them! Ps. Please gamble responsibly.

  • Miss Fashions-on-the-Field

The woman who is completely decked out in shoulder pads, umbrellas, binoculars and an oversized fascinator. These ladies have invested hundreds, or even thousands into ensuring they place in Fashions-on-the-Field.

  • The guy who goes to pick up chicks

The races are renowned for providing a pool of girls for guys to choose from and they plan to take advantage of it. Getting your charm on is much easier when you’re looking dapper in a suit.

  • The pony clubber

The girl who lives and breaths horses! They most likely have a whole stable of them at home. #saddleclub

  • The retired jocky

The really short guy, who has to stand on the sideline because he can’t see over the crowd. They verbally critique the current competing jockeys and continually reference ‘back in my day.

  • The platinum member

The person who pays $5000 a year for a membership. They sit in the gold banded area drinking Moët and eating caviar and canapés. It pays to know one of these people, so starting networking and get that ‘plus one’.

  • The ironic dresser

These are the people who turn up to the races wearing onesies, weird costumes, and other types of clothing. In most cases they don’t get very far in their ‘non-traditional racewear’ but we love watching them try.

  • The dressed up tradie

Even though they wear a suit you can still recognise them, normally, because it’s accompanied by a pair of large white-rimmed-sunglasses.

  • The competitive mum

The mum who lives vicariously through her children and wants them to win everything. She spends hundreds of dollars on her daughter’s hair, makeup, and outfit, in hope of her winning Fashions-on-the-Field, so she can brag about it to all the other mums.

Expect to see all these types of people out in force on Tuesday. Do you know someone who matches one of these descriptions? Which one are you? Give this a share on Facebook and call them out!