Spilt Milk is on Saturday and if, like me, you have a habit of going a little OTT (over the top) at festivals, you will most likely benefit from a few tips on how to have a great day at Commonwealth Park.

I have a lot of experience when it comes to festivals, remember the days of Big Day Out? Stereosonic? Parklife? I was there for all of them.  From losing all my friends in a matter of five minutes and having to hang out with randoms all day, to losing my phone (three times) and having a complete meltdown, I’ve seen and done it all.

Here are my tips to minimise problems and get the most out of your day.

Have a buddy

People always get lost at festivals. It’s just too difficult to keep everyone together when one person wants to go see Lorde’s set whilst everyone else wants to go see Allison Wonderland. If you vow to stay with one person all day then at least there is only one person you have to worry about.

Have a meeting point

In the case that you do lose someone, often we all get into strife when we realise that OUR PHONES WON’T WORK. Ah, technology, why does it have to fail us? When you and your friends get there, decide on a meeting point and agree to head there if you lose each other in the Jax Jones mosh pit.

Portable charger

How many times has your phone died at a festival? When you’re trying to snapchat every single song in Vance Joy’s set, the chances are you’re going to go flat. Invest in a portable charger, trust me, you will be the most popular person there.

Closed-in shoes

Do not wear sandals or thongs! According to the weather, it may rain in Canberra and when it rains, the grass gets muddy! I literally lost my shoes once and had to walk 5km back to my apartment without them because they got stuck in the mud. #classy

Don’t forget your ticket

Coming from the person who once went to a festival in Brisbane and left their ticket at the Gold Coast and had to go ALL THE WAY BACK to get it, this is the most important thing of the day. Set a reminder on your phone, NOW!

Wear a fanny pack

I lost my phone at Spilt Milk last year and I lost my bag at Groovin the Moo this year.  This time I’m playing it safe and wearing a fanny pack. Also, FYI, backpacks are basically banned this year, as Spilt Milk says ‘no bags larger than 20cm X 30cm will be allowed in’.

Prepare snacks and refreshments at home

There’s nothing worse than getting home from a festival and realising you have no food in the house. I’m stocking up on Doritos, Powerade, and orange juice and leaving it next to my bed along with a bottle of water and two Panadol. #organised

Organise a lift home

Hands up who has had to walk about 10km home from a festival because you just couldn’t get an Uber or taxi? Organise a good sober friend or a parent to wait for you down the road at the end of the night.

Here’s hoping you have a great festival – I’ll see you there!