“This year I am going to lose ten kilos… I am giving up takeaway foods and chocolate… and I will join a gym!”

Does this sound like you? Or was it a distant memory of resolutions made in years gone by? ‘Health resolutions’ are easily made but sticking to them can be tough. That’s why many people fail to see their New Year’s resolution all the way through.

Here’s a couple tips to make sure that you nail your 2017 resolution!

Don’t deprive yourself

Saying you are quitting chocolate when it’s your favourite food is madness! What you need to do is be mindful about your consumption of indulgent foods, and not eat copious amounts.

Eat slowly and learn to savour your food. When people quit their favourite food it rarely lasts and often leads to a massive binge. Same rule applies for restaurants and takeaway meals – aim for once a week, not every night. Eat slowly and savour the experience.

Buy a calendar

Mark on your calendar when you are going to go to the gym and what you will do there to keep your eye on the prize and reach your goal.

For example:

Monday and Wednesday: RPM Class 5:30pm

Tuesday: Yoga 7:45pm

Friday morning: Weights 6:30am

Saturday: Outdoor activity (walk, run or cycle) 9am

Organise your weekly meals

Sit down one night each week and plan your weekly meals – perhaps add them to your fabulous new calendar! Being organised with your meals minimises the likelihood of dashing to the local pizza place for takeaway!

Organisation is the key to success. It’s far less stressful thinking about what to have for dinner when you have a plan and the groceries have already been purchased, sitting in the fridge waiting for you to get home!

Pack a lunchbox every day

Packing a lunchbox is an easy way to get your nine-to-five sorted. Make a salad sandwich, pack some fruit, a handful of nuts and small yoghurt. EASY. Allow yourself one indulgent lunch out with workmates each week or fortnight to reward yourself on all your good work!

Surround yourself with supporters, not saboteurs

Make sure that you don’t have friends or family trying to derail your efforts. Meet up with people who will become part of your healthy lifestyle. Find a walking buddy, a gym friend and a lunchbox mate – people who support you will keep you on the road to success!

 This year, make it about organisation and preparation. Forget the deprivation and misery. Be mindful about your choices and plan ahead.  Do all these things and you will nail your 2017 resolution to be a fitter, healthier and happier version of yourself!