So you hit the gym, ditch the carbs and drink plenty of water – but there’s more you can do every day to feel better about yourself.

As a dietitian, people come to me for advice about how to feel better, healthier and more vibrant. Yes, food can certainly assist with this, but we cannot ignore the fact that regular exercise and good amounts of sleep and joy also play a critical role.

Nutrition: If you are eating highly refined, processed foods, then there is little wonder you are lacking vitality. You should be eating three well-balanced meals every day and including two small, healthy snacks as required.

Snack only when you feel ‘true’ hunger, not ‘emotional’ or ‘bored’ hunger. My personal philosophy is to eat minimally-processed foods that close to nature.

Exercise: When was the last time you strapped on your shoes to go for a walk? Or perhaps you’ve already trained twice today. Under- or over-training can lead to a slump and a lack of vitality.

Become an active participant in life and find ways to incorporate activity into your day. Include five 60 minute workouts a week, and, yes, walking is fine. For those who want a more hard-core regime, you can add in an extra training session, but you must have one day of rest each week.

Sleep: A lack of sleep can play havoc with your diurnal patterns and hormones. A restless night can lead to feelings of lethargy all day. So, ensure you get a good night’s sleep—aim for seven or eight hours—and make sure that 30 minutes before going to bed you have turned off all your televisions and computers, and never go to bed with a very full stomach. Be aware that a boozy night will also cause a restless night’s sleep.

Joy: Your stress levels can massively affect your mood, energy levels and your hunger. If you are losing sleep over work deadlines or struggling to manage finances, it’s hard to switch off.

Make time every day to do something for YOU. Whether it be having a long bath or catching up with a friend for lunch, give yourself an opportunity to find some joy each day.

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Until next time,

Lisa Donaldson APD