If you are stuck in a style rut and would like to learn what suits you, discover your body shape and colour analysis, develop knowledge in the latest makeup trends and technology, as well as gain insight from some of Canberra’s most stylish, come along to The Style Side Style Workshop Seminar at Thoroughbred Park on 25 June. You will receive champagne on arrival, canapés and a fabulous goodie bag filled with gorgeous products, offers and coupons.

The workshop also supports women experiencing domestic violence with a percentage of the proceeds going towards The White Ribbon Foundation.

Hosted by Kimberley Sara from The Style Side and featuring guest speakers Alicia Xyrakis of Rebel Muse, Jemma Mrdak of A Stylish Moment and Dak & Co, Acacia from Acacia Makeup and Emma from Lil & Emm intimates.


Saturday 25 June, 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Conference Room, Thoroughbred Park, Mitchell

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What is The Style Side?
It’s an online style diary. Blogging is a creative outlet for me, it’s something that I am so passionate about. I also offer a full range of style services including personal styling, editorial styling, creative consultancy and business strategy, and brand representation. Style fulfils me in a different way because I love people and I love connecting with women, and making them feel good about themselves.

How did you get into the fashion industry?
I studied fashion business and design and dabbled in different areas for about 10 years. I’ve worked mainly in retail and I’ve always loved styling – my dream was to always be a personal stylist. I’ve bounced between Sydney, Gold Coast and Newcastle for work, but I moved back to Canberra about three years ago with my son and just decided that I really wanted to do this and give it my all so that’s what I’m doing.

How did the idea for workshop come about?
This workshop was born from the idea of How come no one is doing this? This is an event that I would love to go to and a great opportunity to bring together the women of Canberra who love fashion. I want to create a network and I sat down one day and started planning for it, and realised that this is something that combined everything I love. It’s a great collaboration opportunity so I contacted a few ladies who I’m inspired by in Canberra and they were all on board and it just grew from there.

What’s your take on the fashion scene in Canberra?
I think definitely from going away and coming back it’s evolved a lot, there’s so much more opportunity and there are a lot of young creatives that are doing amazing things. There’s so much potential and room to grow.

Where are your favourite places to shop in Canberra?
With clients, I generally start with Zara because it’s so big and a great starting point, then I will usually head over to Seed and work my way up to Witchery and then Wittner for shoes. All are located in the Canberra Centre, which is very handy! For something more specific or designer I head straight to Rebel Muse in Braddon.

Has there been a particular moment or achievement in your career that has really stuck with you?
I did a consultation with a girl quite recently and she was a mum herself, three boys, and I could tell that she felt like she had lost herself and I can relate to that – becoming a mother does certainly change you. I could see emotion behind what she was telling me, I could feel how much that moment meant to her and just to see that transformation and inspiration of putting herself out there was so rewarding for me.

What do you love most about your job?
I love the creativity and I love empowering women, and making them feel good bout themselves.