Spilt Milk is making sure everyone has a good time at the festival in Canberra this weekend by bringing back a special service to combat d***head behaviour.

The Good Vibes hotline is a direct line between festival-goers and Spilt Milk HQ to report any kind of sexual harassment, homophobia, transphobia, aggression or racism.

If you or someone close to you feels unsafe or uncomfortable due to another person’s behaviour, you can report it via text to organisers in real time, and from there staff or security will respond and make a discreet intervention.

Each text needs to include the location, time the text was sent and details of the behaviour.

The Good Vibes hotline is 0481 071 365.

Organisers say the hotline does not replace security or first aid, so please seek assistance from the closest security guard if you or someone close to you is in immediate danger.

Spilt Milk is being held at Commonwealth Park on Saturday.