How does a business minded, Mum, blogger, stylist and influencer keep her shit together with a smile everyday – she’s organised.

So much so that Janette Wojtaszak has launched her own business, Sorted. Best known on social media by her handle @thestatementlife, Janette is sure making a statement with this new venture, to – get it sorted.

Sorted is a life-changing, revolutionary new product here to solve our handbag switching dilemmas in an instant. Sorted is your main bag where you keep all your essentials and can be transferred from bag to bag keeping all your belongings in the once place!

“I was sick of always forgetting something in my gym bag,” Says Janette. “I would reach in to my bag for my lip gloss, only to realise that it was in my work bag.

“I knew other women were experiencing this dilemma and I knew I could come up with a solution. One that would not only keep you highly organised but stylish as well – if that was all you took.”

The smart, savvy insert bag is available in black or pink and has one clear panel allowing you to see your belongings, and the other side is covered for any hidden extras you don’t want to be seen. You can even use your Sorted bag as a clutch for those times on the run. Featuring four pockets large enough for everyday essentials such as cards, pens, coins and lip-gloss Sorted is your personal Marie Kondo.

As a local stylist and fashion icon you can rest assure this bag isn’t limited to one look for the rest of your fashionable life. The Sorted bag can be switched out and in to any bag you already own. It is small enough to switch between bags easily and effortlessly – think work bag to gym bag, nappy bag and laptop case.

If you’re sick of the “ahh…it’s in here somewhere” conversation with yourself while elbow deep in your handbag – Sorted is for you.

F: Janette Wojtaszak