In exciting news for pet lovers everywhere, RSPCA ACT have announced their intention to finalise a business case, called Project Home, that will enable the organisation to redevelop and renew the shelter.

Located in Weston Creek, most of the RSPCA buildings are over 45 years old and no longer meet the needs of staff and volunteers as the volume and species of animals coming in have grown and the commercial services required to help fund the mission related work have expanded.

“To successfully continue our mission – to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection – the current facilities must be modernised to ensure that the animals (and their humans) requiring the RSPCA ACT’s services are able to be cared for.  We look forward to working in close partnership with the ACT Government, as well as the private sector and the community to make this a reality within the next 5 years” says RSPCA ACT CEO, Michelle Robertson.

Project Home will not only provide the best care for Canberra’s most vulnerable animals but is also designed in a way which optimises the commercial opportunities for the organisation, to provide ongoing revenue streams and reduce the reliance on Government funds and fundraising efforts.

For more information visit RSPCA project home.