Back by popular demand, the OutInCanberra People’s Choice Awards. Come October locals will once again get their say on the best of the best in Canberra.

There are five major categories to consider:

– Favourite Restaurant
– Favourite Café
– Favourite Nightlife
– Favourite Entertainment, and
– Favourite Event & Attractions

Do you have a local favourite cafe where your barista remembering your order makes you feel warm and fuzzy each day? A restaurant you may as well do the PR for because you’re there every week creating social content for your personal account? Are you across all the events on the CBR calendar? Or maybe you’ve hit a few too many cocktails menus around the place. Either way, we want to hear from you. This is a great opportunity for the little guys, the yet to be discovered guys and the well-deserved guys to get noticed.

OutInCanberra people’s Choice Awards coming soon.