Last week I gave you a little history and care advice for what I believe is the most iconic staple of menswear – The Motorcycle Jacket. This week we are following up with four options that will help you put the theory to reality. No matter the era your style icon heralds from you can bet you can google a picture of them in a leather jacket. Everyone from Kurt Cobain to David Beckham rocks the motor cycle jacket with their own unique flare.

Saint Laurent’s motorcycle jacket in plunged lambskin boasts the cool factor of a real vintage find Available in YSL boutiques or premium online retailers. Designed with epaulets, waistband, metal zip pockets and cuffs the slim fit is figure hugging perfect. There is nothing more luxurious or timeless for a style conscious man to own. This is The Jacket.

The Roundhouse biker jacket is from British label ALL Saints, not to be confused with the iconic girl band. Adorned with metal hardware and distressed for a vintage James Dean feel. Features include thick zippers and lower belt. The price range is very reasonable for quality leather. Consider it a great investment.

For those who love the Rebel without a cause look but not the price tag genuine leather carries Zara offers a vegan friendly option in polyester. Similar cut and style to the above options though less fitted. A faux leather option is perfect for taking on a night out paired with jeans and a button down shirt. At only $179.00 you won’t hate yourself so much if you lose it.

Taking a cue from classic designs Leather Biker Jacket from Jack & Jones differs from the other options where it features quilted detail across the shoulders and down the arms. This simple design feature gives added curves across the bicep area. Reasonable price point for 100% genuine leather and The Iconic ship to major cities within a day.

What makes the biker jacket inherently cool is its sense of effortlessness. No matter how many hours you’ve spent getting ready and assembling your look throwing on this statement piece adds a smoothness than can only by topped by good manners.

Until next time.

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