Have the single blues got you down? Who said it’s sad to be single! I mean who needs a guy anyways, am I right ladies?!

I bet we’ve all been that one friend, that’s always the third wheel and cringes at the very sight of their friends with their boyfriends or girlfriends or partners holding hands, cuddling, kissing etc, yet we’re secretly wishing we had that – a little more than we’d like to admit.

Here’s what you’ll need to not suck at being single

You will need:

  • A little Confidence
  • A dash of sass
  • Several cute outfits
  • Your fave chick flicks
  • Your fave beers & Cocktails
  • Your best friends
  • Your family
  • A credit/ debit card

Step 1: Have Fun!
Take this in any way you like. Being single doesn’t just mean you’re not in a relationship with anyone anymore. It’s about growing as an individual, meeting new people, experiencing new things, focusing on yourself/ being yourself, doing your own thing and doing what makes you happy, with or without someone else.

My advice: Grab your besties, have many movie marathons, blast your favourite songs, go on coffee and brunch dates, put on a cute outfit to impress yourself and do it for you and no one else, go out, have fun, and dance the night away with your gal pals and embrace and strengthen your friendship.

Step 2: Treat Yo Self!

You heard me, spoil yourself. Sometimes we got to be a little selfish and the best part about being single is doing things for yourself. Once you’re out of a relationship, you become free and more dependent on yourself, and not stressed and no longer have to worry about anyone else, you only have to look out for and please yourself, so go on, just do you boo. This means you’ve got to make time for yourself, and do anything that makes you feel good, happy and empowered.

Still thinking about buying those shoes that you were hesitant on? Go buy them! Debating on getting your nails done, who needs an occasion? Just do them anyway! Want to clear up your skin and get a nice, soothing facial? Why not treat yourself to a nice day spa. The best part about treating yourself is that you’re taking care of yourself and doing what makes you happy + it makes you feel better no matter what mood you’re in, and it never has to end. But hate to break it to you ladies, your bank account is going to pay.

Step 3: Get out there!

If you’re a shy, introverted person, getting out there and into the big bad world might seem like a scary and intimidating thing to do, but now is your chance to step out of your comfort zone and embrace it! What have you got to lose anyways? Remember confidence is key.  Make plans with friends and go out, drink some cocktails, go to a bar and have a couple beers, go dancing, catch up with your mates, add in some extra gym sessions, have a guy’s/ girls weekend, go watch a movie, go to a concert/festival etc. This might also be your chance to have some quality family time because maybe you’ve drifted a little, so make the time and surround yourself with the people that love you and make you feel good and happy. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people and be open to making new friends and just enjoy yourself.

Remember your princess or prince charming is definitely out there, and you’ll find them when you least expect them. Until then, learn to love yourself and find happiness within yourself, enjoy your own company and be happy.

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