There’s no limit to the tricks Nomad has been asked to do on stage. Though he was still taken back when I asked if he was capable of pulling a boyfriend from a hat for me. He was quite sure he could, but instead he warned me off men. We were off to a trustworthy start.

Born Canberra boy turned magical superstar, Damon, now known by his stage name Nomad is headed back to the Capital touring his Nomad’s Wanders show at Rose Cottage Friday 14 September.

The act will be Nomad’s only show in Canberra, selecting Rose Cottage as the venue of choice for a little nostalgia. Back in 2015 Nomad won ‘Rose Cottage Has Talent,’ and says it’s a great venue to showcase his tour.

“This show is a whole new me. Everything I do is to portray why I setup Nomad and should inspire everyone else to follow their own dreams. Expect jaw-dropping laughter. Previously my shows have been very serious, diving into magic and learning it back to front. This time is purely about fun, it’s a hilarious time, essentially a comedy and magic show in one.”

His abracadabra career began in an uncanny way. As a kid, he thought he was magic and dabbled with it from the age of seven. However, Nomad thanks his ballet teachers for his smooth transition into exploring magic as a career. He was confident in timed movement and most of all acting from his experience in ballet. Next, he would master dexterity and cards.

“I was always really different as a kid, I was a ballet dancer from eight-years-old to nineteen. I went to the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne and was very familiar with being on stage. Across the road was a professional magic shop where I would spend all my spare time learning from magicians – they taught me the tricks of the trade,” Nomad says.

Nomad’s time in Canberra was mostly knocking the socks off kids at birthday parties, he moved North of Cairns to really kick-start his life. Here he would set up a 24-seat magic theatre and created a show around the reasons why Nomad began. He has since stared on Ted x Talk, is a regular guest to the biggest magic convention in Vegas and hangs out with some uber cool magicians from around the world.

Nomad is in the industry of entertaining, his magic emits both laughter and tears.

“When I was busking in Sydney, I did a trick with my balls (it makes sense when you see it). I put them in a spectators hand and they freaked out, threw them and ran down George Street in the Sydney. I’ve also made people cry which makes the magic feel so real.”

Nomad’s Wanders, 14 September 7.14pm (lol), Rose Cottage, tickets $30 at the door.