Most of us are guilty of a mild obsession over sexy Instagram accounts. Be it a tanned model, well organised stationary or a puppy account who captions in the first person, us millennials love that shit. No one quite understands millennials like Kata Cser who has made a career around beauty and wine – she is one account you should fuss over. Dream career? I think so. As the Vice President for Arbonne Canberra and now the maker of her personal wine brand ‘Wine NotKata is the Gen Y business expert.

“I definitely have the coolest job ever,” Kata says. “Understanding that we basically come from a different world, where social media is everything. Although we are exposed to so much we really don’t know how to connect and communicate with each other. What we see is oozing confidence thanks to Instagram filters but in reality, I find from working with millennials, most of us have massive self-esteem and confidence issues.”

You’ll most likely recognise her for her perfect skin or with a glass of her non-pretentious wine in hand – but it won’t be for being boring. Since building her own brand KATA, an online coaching brand incorporating weekly mini-blogs, musings emails, a community Facebook group, and one-on-one coaching including her ‘Six Steps to Awesomeness’, how to ‘Build Your Business Like a Bad Ass’ and ‘Sexy Scheduling.’ Have we sparked your interested yet?

“I have experienced a few different industries. I went from a dance teacher to public service to network marketing. From there I established an online consultancy business and an online product based business with the wine. Having experience in all of these industries as a millennial and as a Gen Y, I think it’s given me a lot of perspective and insight into the different ways we can thrive and run different businesses,” she says.

At first, Kata was reluctant to sign up as a network marketer with Arbonne. She had never heard the term ‘network marketing’ or knew how impactful direct sales could be. Her father led her to really believe in the brand which is what ultimately launched her career in the space as a Gen Y female network marketer. Undoubtedly, she feels just as strong about her more fluid baby ‘Wine Not’.

“I love the Arbonne business model because it is a consumable product – not a speciality item. What I have learned through network marketing is that you can leverage who you are and what you do on a daily business to create an income,” Kata says.

A wine which plays on your emotions and catches your attention for its shiny pink labelling – I hope this isn’t saying too much about my generation because it sure has my vote!

‘Aduliting’ + ‘Me Myself and Wine’ reads the label of the ‘Wine Not The Brand’. The label we learn started because “I was being tagged in memes on social media about doing all my business over wine – I thought I may as well make a business out of it.”

Kata mastered millennial marketing. Chatty, inclusive and intimate, this approach — predicated on the notion that a brand is your friend, and feels you — is the core narrative behind why consumers are flocking to Kata for guidance.

“Spotify playlists are off the chain because we make decisions based on our emotions. We think we choose according to logic but all marketing is created to play on our subconscious. As millennials, I found we have no idea about what we are picking on a wine list. We don’t know the difference between Sangiovese and Tempranillo. But we do know we want a wine on a Sunday night when we are trying to finish an essay. Choosing a wine based on imagery and feelings is definitely the way to go,” she says.

Kata’s role at Arbonne is communication and coaching based, while the time she spends on ‘Wine Not’ is about connecting the dots and figuring out her next move. Network marketing has allowed her to run three successful businesses which she says is possible because she is a scheduling fanatic obsessed with result and sequences.

In true millennial style, we flaked on our first interview and then once we did chat we ended the conversation on a high, enthralled in a very enthusiastic chat about going for a wine – because wine not?