Whether you’re knee deep in shopping bags, racing the clock on a quick lunch break or catching up with friends, there is always time to eat well.

The food court at South.Point has desirable and quick options, but often hungry-shoppers forget to step out onto the revamped shop-front on Anketell. This strip can deliver speedy, quality culinary options, and they have specials to cater to the weekday lunch crowd.


A family friendly favourite, Rashays came to South.Point last year offering something for everyone with their diverse and affordable menu. The casual-dining eatery is perfect for a lunch break as the menu is so big you’ll never have to eat the same thing twice. From pasta to pizza or steak to parmi’s, Rashays has a lunch special of every flavour. We opted for the Roast Veg pizza because it was a pizza kind of day. Napolitana sauce, semi-dried tomatoes, char-grilled zuchini, mushrooms, capsicum strips, mozzarella, feta, bocconcini, basil & Kalamata olives. Literally all our favourite Mediterranean produce in each bite. We decided to share between two because we were planning our waffle dessert to finish the day off, but you sure don’t have to!

Little Istanbul

Little Istanbul has undergone the most incredible transformation. Their food has always been unrivalled in taste, quality and value but now the venue is just as notable. Dine among the comfort of navy velvet seating and gold furnishings, a lunch here is a quick escape to Istanbul. If it’s one thing this family run business knows, it’s grilled meat. We got the Sis Tavuk – chicken skewers with bed of rice and salad – all staple items which will leave you wondering how they make it taste so good! If you’re visiting with the whole family, the banquet is hard to look by, but if you’re grabbing lunch we should mention there are 16 pide’s to choose from and you’ll even have leftovers for the next day.


The weather is cooling down and Chalisa is heating lunch times up with their Thali Special for two at $25. If you’re meeting a friend or having a work meeting at South.Point, head to Chalisa curry house – they have some great options for two or more. The lunch special comes with two curries an entrée and something sweet to finish things off. There are also three lunch banquets which allow you to try three entrees like samosa, panir & veg pakora, some classic curries such as butter chicken, lamb rogan josh or panir makani – a vegetarian option. You won’t leave hungry, you also get a side of mixed veg korma, dhal and dessert. Those looking to wind down on their own haven’t been forgotten, $16 curry, rice and naan combinations will go down lovely with a sneaky lunch time wine.

Celebrate the good things in life – like delicious food – at South.Point. Relish in the street-front restaurants that are leading the way in the ever-growing foodie scene down south and compliment your excellent lunch with a little shop while you’re at it.

We have 5 x $20 South.Point vouchers to give away, all you have to do is tell us below what you favourite thing to eat at the centre is, for your chance to win.