You don’t have to look far to find a remarkable woman. We all know at least one woman who inspires and empowers others around her. She may be 27 or 57. She may have five kids or no kids. She may work full-time or volunteer her time.

The I AM WOMAN project thrives on shining a light on women who make a positive difference in and around the community. The project wants to celebrate one special woman in honour of International Women’s Day, starting Thursday 8 March, by offering a free 12-month life coaching course with world-renowned life coach Catherine Plano.

We could all do with a Life Coach at various periods in our lives – not just during big changes to help us work through the opportunities and the challenges, but also at those times when life is moving along, but at a fast-pace, when things get hectic and we need to make sure we make time for ourselves to ensure our own life plans, goals and dreams don’t fall by the wayside.

A life coach can also help if you’re starting a business, going through divorce, getting ready to re-invent yourself in retirement or a new career, or just when you need to step back and make sure that while you’re juggling all your commitments you make time for self-care.

To enter the compettion, please email the following information to [email protected]:

– In 100 words or less tell us what makes her a worthy woman and why she would benefit from a life coaching course
– An image of the nominator and the nominee
– Their state and country
– Contact details including a mobile number

One lucky submission will be deemed as the winner of a 12-month Life Coaching Course with Catherine Plano, due to start in August 2018. The lucky winner will also be featured on the popular I AM WOMAN project podcast and will also be asked to provide a testimonial detailing how the life coaching course made a positive impact on her life.