Exercising can be a bit of a struggle sometimes, especially in this cold weather – putting on a movie, snuggling up under a blanket and enjoying the warmth of a heater often win out over our nobler impulses. But this winter, lets get out and active! We’ve done all the hard work for you and put together a healthy big day out – so now you have no excuse. Go!


We have to start early if we’re going to get to Elemental in Braddon for breakfast. Start your day the best way possible with its whole foods that keep you going longer. Try its Banana Bread French Toast with caramelised walnuts and coconut yoghurt. This healthy breakfast will set the mood for the day ahead.


Why not take advantage of the beautiful Lake Burley Griffin lakeside and go for a bike ride, run or walk from bridge to bridge – a steady five-kilometres. Meet new friends by joining the runners group, who meet every Saturday next door to The Merchant at Kingston Foreshore.

Time for Zumba! – a great all-body workout that focuses on Latin dancing. With classes all over Canberra, get motivated to dance an hour away with a group spurring you. Located in the heart of the city, Salsabor Dance Studio offers Zumba sessions, as well as other dance classes like burlesque and of course salsa.


Enjoy a long lunch at Quizine in Phillip. You can choose your meal step by step based on its nutritional elements! There is no better way to be mindful at meal times. Our top pick is the grilled tandoori chicken breast with quinoa tabouli, marinated eggplant and tomato chutney. Yum!


This health trail is proving hard to keep up with but rest assured it’s going to pay off! When in need of a snack break and refuel, the Kingston Foreshore has got us covered. Local Press Café and the Paleo Perfection Espresso Bar can keep us on track so we avoid that pesky mid afternoon slump.


If, like me you dream of sculpting your body into those long limbs that dancers have, you should check out Xtend Barre in the city. The venue offers classes that focus on dance and pilates and integrates ballet bar work, as well as weights. Xtend Barre is aimed at that body you’ve been dreaming about. Check the timetable for classes and times.


We’re on the go but we need something to eat between things, stop in at Mountain Creek Wholefoods in Griffith and grab some healthy takeaway for later on when the hunger sets in. While you’re there grab a few things to make up at home and keep that healthy attitude going.


Skatefit is exactly what it sounds like – getting fit while having fun skating! There’s a roller rink and 90s music to accompany this seriously fun way of getting your body moving. Join in on all the nostalgic fun of fitness skating, which takes us back to an age where people didn’t even know they were exercising.


Stretch and sleep. We’ve worked hard with all this exercise, and now it’s time for pre-bed stretching and an early night. It’ll make it easier to extend your health trail into a holistic healthy lifestyle!