We finally checked the mail! And here are a few items we got sent in May, the wrap of our monthly road tests below: 

Local brand Luxwiks lives by the mantra that everything is best enjoyed around candlelight. If you have a love affair with pretty scents and all things relaxation you need to try this fun bath bomb! Luxe Spasalts incorporate dehydrated coconut milk powder and essential oils for the goodness of your body. The calming blends tick all the boxes including non-toxic and vegan. They can be made up to 3kg for those thinking big and want a spa bomb! Available for purchase here.

Australian skincare company, Enbacci, has developed their first all-in-one skincare product which harnesses the restorative abilities of the Saponaria Pumila plant. The flower is known to be resilient to extremely cold temperatures and high amounts of UV radiation, therefore, its properties have been applied to the Complete Body Firming Lotion to protect from daily environmental stressors whilst increasing skin density, elasticity, and firmness. If you’re looking to restore vitamins   A, C, E and Omega 6 this lotion is a gentle way to go about it. RRP $80 get it here


 Bean!Roasters is the premier coffee blend of Canberra. These guys really know what they’re doing as Australian grand champion roasters! We’ve snagged some of the Cherry Sun blend to try out. Known for its fruity, floral and zesty tones it is guaranteed to satisfy any coffee lover. This one comes in at $19 for 200g or $58 for 1kg.  Ask for it at your local cafe or visit the Fyshwick Store on 47 Kembla Street.

A local creation and a natural concoction of organic herbal tinctures like comfrey, marshmallow, and rosehip which are amazing for our skin! This handmade Face Serum is made of all natural ingredients and best applied before bed as the cream is thick and rejuvenating and works best when given time to absorb. Avoid dry and flakey Canberra winter skin with this organic cream made in Canberra by a Canberran who understands the horrors of our brutal winter. Available from Bodhifit Studio Queanbeyan $35; made to order email: [email protected].

Yarra Valley Tea Co. is the largest buyer of locally grown organic green tea in Australia. It is used exclusively for their unique green tea blends, Uncle Vic and Aunt Myrtle. Packed full of antioxidants and restorative properties, Uncle Vic pays homage to the traditional Japanese sencha tea with its vibrant green hue, cleansing aromatic taste and sweet tongue glosses. Offering an Aussie twist on this Japanese favourite, Aunt Myrtle incorporates Queensland’s native lemon myrtle to provide a rejuvenating experience that improves the body’s natural detoxification and relaxation abilities. Here in the office we have used it to combat the cold snap! Available in both loose leaf and biodegradable pyramid bags, Yarra Valley Tea Co. hand blends each creation in Victoria’s Yarra Valley region and supplies to quality independent grocers, health food stores, gourmet providores, speciality retailers and online. Find out how to grab yourself a cuppa here.

Do you have thin hair which falls prey to breakage, tangles, split ends and increased damage? LENDAN, has developed a leave-in hair treatment which works just the same as facial fillers (tell us more)! Designed to mimic this popular treatment by repairing and nourishing damaged hair fibers, resulting in fuller, stronger and more youthful locks – this we had to try. We gave the PlexForte No.2 a spin and waited while new hair proteins formed. As if this doesn’t sound heavenly enough, it is also Chocolate-mint-coconut scented – what a dream. If you’re looking to give this new hair tech a try we recommend getting a fresh cut before you start, as everything a fresh canvas will give you the best results in starting to strengthen your hair again. Exclusive to salons $29.95, find out more here.