With multiple public holidays coming up on the Canberra calendar, so too come the opportunities to let loose, head into the night and have a bloody good time.

But with all the fun of a long weekend affair, also comes the morning after. After all, you have plenty of time to waste being sorry for yourself. It’s always worth it, right? Well, at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves.

For those of you who hit the booze hard, usually, the hangover hits harder. So, let us present to you our Hangover Survival Guide! A 12-hour post boozy night listicle that covers where to go, what to order and what to do to come back from the dead.


For those of you brave enough to start the day early, whether you have somewhere to be, you’re just an early riser or for a tactical vom, we kick off the day with a boost. Hop on into Doubleshot in Deakin and pick up one of their energy-filled juices or smoothies. We love Doubleshot because they’re all about double the energy and double the quality. We recommend the Up & At It smoothie comprised of cacao crunch, raw cacao, banana, espresso, dates and almond milk.
Side note on the d-low: Make sure you pick yourself up some Panadol on the way.


Now that you’re more awake, think about having a little bite to eat if you can stomach it. While we wouldn’t suggest sitting down for a full course breakfast, a small bite like a banana or a fresh coconut (also available at Doubleshot), could be the key to a quick recovery. The potassium in either fruit will help your body heal from the inside out. If you’re still feeling nauseous, have a look into some ginger tea, it has wonderful properties to quell your uneasy stomach.

It’s time for you to hide away for an hour or two in the dark, distracting comfort of the cinemas. Whether you’re a Palace Electric or Dendy frequent flyer, there’s never been a better time to catch up on all the latest films you’ve been meaning to see. Right now Beauty and the Beast takes the cake for a must-see blockbuster. This childhood classic is brought back to life with the likes of Emma Watson alongside a cast of unrecognisable A-listers.


Hopefully, by now you’ll feel a little more revitalised! But we know you’re probably not back to 100 per cent. It’s time to make sure your juices are still flowing. Duck into the closest servo, supermarket or food eatery and get yourself a sports energy drink to refuel those electrolytes – did we hear grape Powerade? And be sure to pop another Panadol as it’s been four hours since your last dose.

It’s lunch time my friend and do we have some of the best suggestions for you! There are different types of recovery eaters. Some people like it hot and greasy – for you guys, head straight for Grease Monkey. For crispy chicken lovers, order the Dirty Bird or if you’re tackling the first meal of the day, try Grease Monkey’s breakfast burger, the Jump Start.
For our healthy readers out there, bless your souls. Maybe have a look at some of Braddon’s best like Elk & Pea or Sweet Bones to treat your appetite and for something a little more guilt-free.


Now that you have energised your body, it’s time to exorcise the alcohol, or should we say exercise the alcohol. Whether it’s a run around the lake, hitting up Bikram Yoga in Mitchell, or hiking up Mt Ainslie, it’s time to get your body moving!

You’ve done well getting this far into the day. For your hard work and survival, it’s time for a tac-nap. You heard it right, put your pretty head down for a 45-minute siesta.

You’re refreshed, but there is still more to do with your day! What comes next is something unexpected for a normal hangover routine, but it’s a long weekend so let’s make the most of it! You’re going to want to head into your wardrobe and pick out some nice clothes. In our experience, the best way to feel better is to make yourself look better. Hopefully, you would have showered by now so get out your curling irons and blow driers, colognes and beauty essentials, and pamper yourself a little.


Now brace yourself. It’s time for some hair of the dog. Whether its shots, cocktails or pre-mixed drinks, anything with alcohol in it will do. Have some solo pre-drinks or have friends over to kick off another night. Not up for hosting? Take a squiz at the cocktail classes down at Betti Bravo’s at the Kingston Foreshore.


With everyone back on a high from the night before, it’s time to head out for a feed. Canberra has some amazing places on offer and we are incredibly spoilt for choice! If your company plans on having another late night out in the city, AKIBA on Bunda Street or Beach Burrito on City Walk are our top picks – both conveniently located in the heart of the CBD and tasty at the same time.

If it’s a quieter night you’re planning to have, somewhere closer to home could serve as a godsend. All our south-siders out there can have a look at Kingston’s icon The Durham pub or the Vikings Club at Erindale for the best snitty in town. If you call north side home, Young & Frisky in Gungahlin has 50c wings to lift you out of even the deepest hangover holes! Pizza Artigiana in Macquarie is another culinary cure option for our friends up north, with homemade woodfired pizza made with fresh ingredients.


With your life officially revitalised, let loose and enjoy the rest of your night!

Rinse and repeat steps 8am – 4pm again tomorrow. Feel free to replace 5pm – 8pm with a home cooked meal, or order-in with Canberra’s latest food delivery service Deliveroo. Settle in for the night and plug in your latest Netflix fix, for tomorrow the long weekend comes to an end and you’re back on the grind.


Image credit: The Hangover