Much like the cafés in this town, over the past five years or so, Canberra has been home to and lost, some notorious clubs and bars.

With a nod to the history of clubs of Canberra’s past – Meche, North Bar, Mercury Bar, Bar 32 and more recently Digress, the Canberra club scene enters its next stage of metamorphosis with the opening of Club Kyte at 11 Akuna Street.

We headed into the night to check out Kyte’s grand opening. From what we’ve heard about the club so far; from the team behind the scenes and the gigs they’re lining up, it was an exciting time after so much anticipation.

Tucked away on the basement level, entering Kyte is an experience of its own. You know that scene from Get Him to the Greek where Jonah Hill is freaking out so Russell Brand tells him to stroke the furry wall? Well, now you can do the same at Kyte. Fur lines the walls on the descent down into the club and we had more than enough fun standing there touching it.

Once we got past the furry walls, having a look around became really fun. The main area of the club is a dancefloor and bar that wraps around itself in a stunning and easily accessible u-shape. From its booths, pool tables and edgy fit-out, Kyte is out to impress the curious night creatures of Canberra.

Kyte is a venue focussing on the quality music, with the team at Kyte excited to get down to the basics and really uncover the raw experience of clubbing in Canberra. Its underground location means that it is ideal for acoustics and we definitely witnessed.

Unlike other clubs in Canberra, Kyte isn’t just looking to being a conventional Thursday-through-Saturday dance location, it’s also catering throughout the week with share platters and speciality drops including cheekily named cocktails.

A few steps down from Transit Bar, keep your eyes peeled for Kyte’s beacon of light – a neon sign on its exterior followed by a descent into a very eclectic and entertaining clubbing location. As far as we’re concerned, the grand opening for Kyte was a success and we can’t wait to see what these guys have in store for Canberra’s nightlife!

Club Kyte

11 Akuna Street, Civic

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