Join the stylish duo, G&T (Gerard Wilton and Tracey Davis), as they guide you with practical, up-to-date, and effortless advice on elevating your wardrobe. This week, they are revealing handy tricks on how to nail the art of office chic.

Don’t forget your personal style – Gerard

Being in an office by no means should be a deterrent to dress with personality and style. Consider black and whites gone and instead infuse colour, print and statement accessories alongside a versatile suit to nail that office chic pizazz.

Colour and print

Do not be scared to wear colour or a print. There is nothing more exciting than a vibrant colour to brighten up your work day. Bold colours will often improve your mood and will keep you feeling like a ray of sunshine in those sometimes dreary office buildings. Try colour blocking with a coloured pant or blazer, or choose a statement-coloured dress. Prints are also something that can bring a chic flair to a corporate office look. Try a printed statement dress or a printed shirt under your versatile suit. Some may think it’s too busy but why not showcase your vibrancy?

Statement accessories

If a bold colour or print is too much for you, the easiest way to nail the office chic look is through accessories. Statement rings and jewellery can add more to a suit or dress. Furthermore, a coloured or patterned heel will elevate your look and provide that hint of fun. And, don’t forget about your desk surroundings, get a great office bag, a stationery set and a statement water bottle – because even staying hydrated is chic.

A versatile suit

A suit is a staple that everyone should have. Whether you like a loose or tailored fit, you can utilise these pieces separately or together for a sharp look. Think about doing a casual Friday in a suit with a t-shirt and a clean white sneaker or try the suit jacket with a tailored skirt to maximise the suit usage. Either way, the suit will go the distance and it will always be chic.

Express your personality tastefully – Tracy

Thankfully we’ve come a long way from the perception that office attire must be devoid of style. Workplaces have evolved and with it the flexibility around professional style. Nailing the art of office chic isn’t about being overly trendy or wearing attention-grabbing outfits and is instead about expressing your personality tastefully whilst adhering to your company’s dress code.

Focus on fit

Your fit trumps colour, design or price and is the true foundation of style. If you wear clothes that fit well and flatter your figure, you’re halfway to looking stylish. To do this, invest in good quality, well-fitting classic pieces such as blazers, skirts, trousers or shirts that can be mixed and matched to create various outfits. Go the extra mile and have your items tailored to ensure a perfect fit.

Monochromatic or neutral colours

A sleek and sophisticated look can be achieved by opting for a neutral or monochromatic palette. To add interest and elevate your outfit, combine fabrics such as silk, cashmere or leather for a luxurious effect. Personality can be expressed through pops of colour and pattern or stylish accessories such as watches, earrings, necklaces and handbags.

Maintain good hygiene and grooming

A chic outfit will fall short if paired with an unkempt appearance or poor hygiene. Well-maintained and clean hair, nails and clothing demonstrate that you take pride in your appearance and value the impression you make on others.

As ever, style is subjective and what matters most is that you feel comfortable in your own skin. There is nothing chicer than confidence.

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