Boasting a relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel right at home as soon as you walk through its doors, Gryphons Caffe and Bar is located in the leafy suburb of Griffith and has been delighting locals and visitors alike with its tasty menu and homely fit-out for years.

Gryphons provides quality, affordable dining with a menu catering for everyone, from the early morning coffee drinker to the after dinner wine connoisseur. If you are yet to experience Gryphons’ superb hospitality for yourself, here’s a little taster of what you can expect! Warning – you will become a regular at first bite!

The Breakfast Bruschetta is a beautiful delicious mess that’s the perfect meal to kick off your day. A twist on the classic bruschetta dish that we all know and love, Gryphons’ take features crispy bacon, avocado, feta and a squeeze of lime, as well as the classic tomato, basil, Spanish onion and balsamic glaze, which is made in-house using candied apple. This dish will set the standard of how you like your bruschettas from now on!

Moving on to a guilt-free lunch that’s equally as fresh as it is filling, the Atlantic Salmon showcases a delicate balance of creaminess and citrus. A crispy skinned salmon fillet is served atop orange segments, caramelised fennel, cherry tomatoes, Spanish onions, mesclun salad, and drizzled with citrus hollandaise. This dish was so popular from Gryphons’ winter menu that customers wouldn’t let them take it off! So they’ve carried it over, and similar to its other much-loved dishes, the chefs continue to experiment with new ways to continuously improve them.

Beautifully presented with lots to love and care, the Pig and Fig Salad is a standout on the salad menu. A wonderful combination of seared prosciutto, baked ricotta, fresh figs, mesclun salad and candied walnuts, the dish is complete with a tantalising drizzle of citrus maple dressing and a sprinkle of delightful micro herbs.

For those who don’t mess around, head straight for the Pork Ribs, which are smoked and then slow-cooked for 6 hours. These sticky morsels are infused with bourbon and served with Cajun spiced sweet potato chips, dressed slaw and a trio of golden crunchy onion rings. No need for cutlery here, just grab a bit of everything and dip it into the tasty barbeque sauce that goes with it, which the chefs have crafted themselves.

A crowd favourite is the almighty The Gryphon Pizza, best served alongside a cold glass of beer while watching your favourite sporting game on the big screen. It’s Gryphons’ version of the traditional meat lovers pizza, with chorizo, pepperoni, smoked ham, bacon, capsicum and barbeque sauce. All of the pizza bases are proudly made in-house with a gluten-free option available too, as well as two sizes – small or large base.

“We use local producers from Canberra wherever possible,” Gryphons owner Dan Kelly says.

“We don’t want produce that’s been on a truck for 12 days – we try to source the freshest ingredients that we can.”

Gryphons has also just revamped its back deck, so now you can enjoy a long lunch or drink with friends in a space that is abundant with sunshine. The venue also looks forward to installing new seating areas and leather couches in the outdoor space, to further create a seamless indoor/outdoor dining experience that’s more accessible, comfortable and fun for patrons.

During the rugby season, Gryphons conveniently offers a $5 shuttle service to the home games at GIO Stadium and back, and is also involved in the OutInCanberra burger and ticket deal, where you can purchase a ticket to a home game and enjoy a burger at the venue for just $20.