DC Fit is a sub-brand of local dance school, Dance Central, that offers a range of dance-based fitness group fitness classes that focus on toning, cardio, strength and form. Owner and Director of DC Fit, Julie Scheer has built a strong dance community which she wishes to grow into a strong fitness community using the same logic.

“We have seen the benefits of what dance studio classes do at Dance Central. The growth in confidence and connection with like-minded community members empowers people internally by creating more self-acceptance and esteem, and externally by feeling more comfortable to challenging themselves outside of their comfort zones,” she said.

Julie believes you are more likely to achieve your goals, particularly in fitness, when you surround yourself with other like-minded people.“Doing anything alone is always going to be harder, doing it with a great group of people is fun and creates an unstoppable energy and force.”

But don’t take it from us that that dance-based fitness is the way to go. We are merely sitting behind the screen on a swivel chair with no clue. Thankfully, we sent personal trainer and fitness influencer  @courtneyrkazar to give us the 411 on DC Fit:

As a personal trainer in Canberra, in winter, my sessions are typically delivered in a gym or if I have a brave client, outdoors. Walking into DC Fit the Canberra cold felt non-existent and it was my turn to be dealt the pain for a change.

As I arrived for the launch of DC Fit, after wading through the mass of ladies who attended the event, I met the amazing trainers; Julie, Alenka, Amy and Thea. I attended two 30-minute teaser classes of Barre and Bounce! Both as enjoyable as each other, both delivering a different physically demanding routine.


Barre is great for absolutely any age or fitness level. This “hyped up” ballet style class repetitively targets every muscle group increasing your strength through isometric contractions (or you may know it as, “pulse, pulse, pulse”) all the while increasing flexibility and improving your posture. I was led up to studio two with the gorgeous Alenka who, as a trained ballet teacher, most certainly had the know how to put me through my paces.


Second, I was headed to Bounce. Led by the bouncy bubbly Amy who honestly, if I was to build a bounce teacher she would be it! Coming from a jazz/contemporary background she is used to the high energy, high intensity interval training and that is exactly what Bounce is. If you are looking for a low impact alternative to cardiovascular fitness look no further thank Bounce. Working on and off the trampoline Bounce increases your coordination and agility, tones your muscles and increases bone strength. A study carried out by NASA found that 10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running! so all the non-runners out there, lace-up, it’s your time to shine!

With experienced trainers to guide you through each step of the class, whether it is your first time or you’re a bounce or barre pro, they have the knowledge and know how to take you to your limit ensuring you leave with a smile on your face and a sweat on your brow. I left feeling energised, reinvigorated and ready for more. The ladies of DC Fit had just given me a workout of a lifetime and I was in only two teaser classes.

DC Fits’ classes are able to be attended all year round delivering that burn from the warm-up right through to the cool-down, all ages and fitness levels are welcome.

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