Can’t get a restaurant booking, movies are still closed and need a first date idea through semi restrictions? Navigating the dating world is hard at the best of time. Try doing it with restaurant caps, time restrictions and a fear around even shaking hands and things get a whole new level of weird. Beauty therapies reopen this weekend so once those brows are waxed jump back on the dating wagon with these date ideas.


The classic should we go for ice cream? Messina has cemented itself as a great date venue. Only now we are taking away! As the weather drops are car hang at a scenic location and two scoops of choc mint sounds like a pretty great date when there is not much else to do!

Burger x Lake

Brod Burger picnic by Lake Burley Griffin, it’s an iconic Canberra first date. Keep the trend going. If you’re brave enough to get over eating a messy burger on the first date you can conquer anything together.

Mountain Walk (Mt Ainslie)

This date requires no need for hair and makeup! If there is good first date chat than awesome you have a whole hour to get to know each other, if not, you can blame the hike for being short on breath. The incline on Mount Ainslie is ideal for a date because you won’t end up a complete sweat patch mess. Also, you’ll be exposed to a great view of Canberra up the top.

Intimate Dinner

What’s that, restrictions have lifted to 20 so your likelihood of getting a booking has slightly increased! Nonetheless restrictions are still in place which means isolated seating from the rest of the crowds which makes for an instant intimate setting. Also watch out for pricing. Many venues are capping bookings at tasting menus only while they navigate restrictions. Try to avoid the ‘so who’s paying of this’ convo where possible by doing your research first. See who is open here.


Galleries, museums, national institutions and outdoor attractions (such as the zoo) will be able to reopen for groups of up to 20 people in a designated session. Keep up to date with the attraction announcements and you may be able to snag one of the first bookings and really impress your first date!