Emerging during a time that saw us focus more on self-care and wellness, local progressive brand, Adytum released its beautiful collection of certified organic, botanical-based products in August 2020. Almost a year later they are excited to share their next venture that promotes self-acceptance and body positivity.

On May 16 Adytum is hosting EMODIED – a one day body positivity, mindfulness and self-love retreat to help transform the relationship between body and mind, by exploring what body image is and the role it plays in our sense of self via a range of engaging in-person and take-home modules.

Hosted at The Social Club in Kingston, the retreat will explore themes such as theoretical sessions on self-compassion, the body and pleasure, as well as physical and sensory workshops on mindful eating and movement, and body positive, therapeutic clay sculpting.

Guiding participants through the sessions is ceramic artist Fran Romano, clinical psychologist Alisha Polsen, anxiety mindset coach and nutritionist Georgie Collinson and yoga, Pilates and barre instructor Sarah Moloney.

“For too long we have been fed subliminal messages that how we look is a big part of our value and self-worth. People therefore spend a lot of time trying to ‘fix’ themselves, but we firmly believe that there is nothing to ‘fix’,” says Adytum’s Spa Manager Renee Stinson.

“It’s time we rewrite the body narrative and truly strengthen people’s relationship with the self, for good.”

To compliment the socially conscious themes of the day, local café Gather will be contributing a vegan morning tea and kombucha spread, while Monster Kitchen and Bar will be delivering a plant-based, waste-reduced lunch.

In 2020 Monster evolved to a herbivore with a new ‘World of Vegetarian’ menu designed around conscious cuisine. The confident leap to greener grass has been a huge success with the team transforming innocent veg into the life of the party. The restaurant has leant into longevity of produce through fermenting and pickling produce as well as a huge focus around minimising waste through a food waste solution that mimics natural digestion to turn waste into reusable water.

EMBODIED will be calling on the talent, skills and experience of the team who have been creating menu’s around sustainability and locality to design a thoughtful lunch for the day.

“We hope that attendees will leave the EMBODIED retreat with a renewed sense of self; on a pathway to a transformed view of their body image. Self-acceptance is not contingent on how you look, and this is a message that we’re really focussing, not just for the day. It underpins our entire Adytum brand and the way we are exploring beauty and wellness in theoretical and physical forms,” says Renee.

Those who attend EMBODIED with also be given a one free pass to Adytum’s highly anticipated bathhouse and wellness space opening in Braddon’s ‘Branx’ building in the middle of the year, and a gift bag valued at $300, containing a collection of certified organic, botanical formulations to nourish the self.

Tickets can be purchased at https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/embodied-tickets-147713383707