Although hygge can be applicable to any time and space, the term really comes to life in the harsh winter; a concept renowned for encapsulating cosines and togetherness.

If you don’t have the creative eye or budget to inject hygge interior influences into your own home it may be easier to get your hygge hit from venues around town. In order to be cosy you need to relax and enjoy the sacred things in life. We all fall victim to being bed bugs in Canberra to avoid the brutal cold, but what if we told you Canberra has some hyggekrog spots that give the Danes a run for their money.

Hyggekrog: “a place in the room where you love to snuggle up in a blanket, with a book and a warm drink” 

You could be forgiven for thinking the more throws, pillows and candles you have help to create hygge, instead, the ultimate rule is that less is more. Snuggle up and socialise around a hot chocolate or mulled wine with those you love through the darker, colder days and nights. Brace the cold season in a local hyggekrog.

Gina, the Editor of STYLE CURATOR, an award-winning Australian blog about the pursuit of a stylish home shares her top tips on what to look for in a venue to ensure you get out and about this winter.

– For a cosy night out, look for places with hygge.

– You can kick back AND keep warm, just look for places with a
fireplace, dim lights, warm meals and hot drinks – or drinks that can
warm you from the inside.

– The ambience of a venue is more than just decor and menu though, the
mood staff set is also important so look for venues with friendly staff
that make you feel welcome.

– The lighting of a place also plays a big part – nothing beats the soft
glow of candles or better yet the lighting and crackling sound of a

– One of Canberra’s most popular venues on a cold winter’s night is The
Canberra Wine House because of its relaxed approach to good food, great
wine, and cosy and intimate atmosphere.


Gina is the Editor of STYLE CURATOR, an award-winning Australian blog about the pursuit of a stylish home. She is passionate about sharing her love of design, architecture, decorating and homewares. When she’s not blogging or working with interior styling clients, you’ll find her running after her 2-year-old son Patrick or getting her hands messy in a  creative project.