Jiawa Liu is a well-known Canberra-based style blogger who is dedicated to providing her ‘Closet Voyage’ blog readers with the best in fashion. Whether its designer brands, vintage shopping, or beauty; Jiawa has it covered on her blog. She lives and breathes the fashion scene and knows what looks good and for that, we believe Jiawa is one of Canberra’s Most Stylish People of 2013.

We recently sat down with Jiawa to chat about her love for fashion, her style highlights and more!

1. Who are your style icons? Is there a particular fashion style that you follow?

Being a fashion and style blogger you might have expected me to name any of the current ‘It Girls’ like Miranda Kerr or Cara Delevingne as my style icons, but at the moment I’m mad crushing on Norwegian blogger Irina Lakicevic of ‘A Portable Package’.

Just like me, she is living a double life, working at a mundane job by day and style blogging ‘by night’, so she definitely gives me hope that I can succeed in my blogging goals. Her style is very much what I’m following at the moment: put together, with a mix of the masculine and feminine looks.

2. What were some of your fashion highlights for 2013?

2013 was a big year for my blog, Closet Voyage. Being a featured style blogger on ASOS Australia and Candy Mag Singapore were definitely highlights, but my recent procurement of a BLK DNM Leather Jacket at 20% off is very much up there also!

3. What are you most enjoying wearing at the moment?

For me, I think I’m caught wearing my J Brand boyfriend jeans every other day. The perfect boyfriend jean is so challenging to shop for, so when you find it, you’ll never take them off. Trust me!

4. What trends do you love to see and wear?

This is such a difficult question for me because the concept of ‘trend’ baffles me at the best of times. People talk about fashion like it’s the weather – cloudy with a chance of print clashing? That said, it’s not lost on even a veritable ‘trend-thicky’ like me, that androgyny is the flavor of the month, and I absolutely love it. For women’s fashion it means impeccable tailoring, oversized dressing, minimalism and aloofness. Universal truth: aloofness is sexy.

5. What are some of your favourite brands and why?

Personally, I always have my favourite brand of the moment and right now it’s French label Isabel Marant. The designer is some sort of a cropped jean master craftswoman, and there’s always a shoe from each of her collections that goes down in fashion history. I’m still on my quest for a pair of Milwaukee boots. On the other hand, Isabel Marant’s recent collaboration with H&M in my mind was the most worthwhile partnership the chain store has had to date.

Make sure you can check out Jiawa’s blog, www.closetvoyage.com. We are so impressed with her blogging achievements, and also the fact that it isn’t her only job. As a ‘blogger by night’ Jiawa, strives to provide her viewers with the best in fashion trends, street style and styling. A very deserving contender for the Canberra’s Most Stylish People of 2013, we look forward to keeping track of Jiawa’s next moves throughout 2014!