After two years in the making, Canberra funksters East Row Rabble are set to release their debut self-titled EP.

The final single from the EP, Good for Me, is an upbeat blues-rock love song with dynamic snaps and dirty horn jams.

Rabble front man Ben Drysdale actually used the song to propose to his wife on the hills overlooking Queensland’s Glasshouse Mountains underneath the giant “Woodfordia” sign at the Woodford Folk Festival.

The EP delivers the same slick mix of funk, reggae, blues and soul with upbeat party horn lines that fans have come to love from the band.

Addressing a mixture of world issues and daily curiosities, Drysdale’s songs explore the many, varied, and often conflicting elements of any situation with honesty, hope, and a little cheekiness.

After releasing two singles from the record in 2016 the band decided to do some more work on production, enlisting Sydney producer Jon Reichardt to sweeten the mix with extra layers of guitar and organs before releasing One for the Kokonut in March this year.

Help the boys launch their debut EP on June 22nd at The Polish Club in Canberra.