Flourish Yoga

Nestled away in Braddon, above the chaos of Canberra’s lively working district, is the quiet sanctuary of Flourish Yoga.

The petite studio is a perfect escape from the stress and demands of the workplace, as their motto is to focus on how you feel, not how perfect your downward dog is. Flourish Yoga also offers the opportunity to take a class within your workplace, sending one of their experienced instructors out to you.

The classes they offer range from beginner’s yoga, to meditation and mindfulness. However, for those looking for a slightly more physical challenge, the Vinyasa class is for you. Whilst still giving you the stress and tension relieving benefits, Vinyasa includes poses to build strength and improve flexibility.

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Balanced Yoga

Fairly new to Canberra’s Yoga scene is Balanced Yoga. Located in Kingston, the business was started in 2015 by its passionate owner Sue McShane – a yoga teacher and personal trainer.

Balanced Yoga has seven different yoga classes available, ranging from beginner to advanced and catering to all ages. However, a spontaneous outdoor class on the water’s edge of Kingston’s foreshore is also not uncommon.

For those who wouldn’t consider themselves at all a ‘Yogi’, the beginner’s course that runs over eight weeks gives a slow introduction before moving onto their many other styles of yoga available.

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Power Yoga Canberra

With Studios in Belconnen and Woden, Power Yoga Canberra (PYC), is one of Canberra’s largest and well-established yoga communities.

The original Belconnen studio, opened in 2010, is a popular spot, and if you’re not looking for a more private yoga experience, then Power Yoga is a perfect place to become familiar with the practice. PYC’s night time classes are the best way to relax and unwind – you will leave feeling refreshed but ready to enjoy a good night’s rest.

The other studio in Woden is PYC’s latest edition. Boasting an airy studio and parkland views, this space is suited to those hoping to gain a clear mind and fresh perspective. And if that’s not enough, the rooftop is open for outdoor classes in the summer!

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Bikram Yoga Canberra

Bikram Yoga Canberra offers a unique style of yoga that is especially great in the winter months. ‘Bikram Yoga’ or ‘Hot Yoga’, is a series of postures combined with breathing exercises that are performed in a room heated to 38 degrees Celsius with a humidity of 40%.

Each class runs for 90 minutes and is designed to optimise the functionality of the body. The heat and humidity allow you to delve deeper into certain stretches and postures, while also flushing out harmful toxins.

Bikram Yoga Canberra offers one kind of yoga, with classes taking place between the early to mid-morning and evening till 9pm. However, they have created a unique Kids Bikram Yoga class, where games and music are combined with the postures. 

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