So, what’s your pasta personality?  And where is the best place to find your one and only fave pasta in Canberra?


Your perfect pasta: Mac n’ Cheese

Your Pasta Personality: Hard to please, not too adventurous yet young at heart, prefer a night inside on the couch with takeaway

Where it’s good: Italians and Sons in Braddon


Your perfect pasta: Bolognese

Your Pasta Personality: Like to keep things in life simple, old school at heart, a night out is your classic Friday drinks and good food

Where it’s good: Locale in Deakin


Your perfect pasta: Gnocchi

Your Pasta Personality: Outgoing, enjoys change and variety in life, a night out means conversations with new people and a decent feed

Where it’s good: Olive at Maswon/Hawker


Your perfect pasta: Lasagne

Your Pasta Personality: Not an organised person, less serious and more carefree, a night out is intense and ends with a big ol’ slice of pizza.

Where its good: Salotto in Kingston


Your perfect pasta: Pasta with Burnt Sage butter (in this case Tortellini di Zucca)

Your Pasta Personality: Likes to feel fancy, yet also a slightly indecisive person, a night out includes classiness and wine

Where it’s good: Mezzalira in the City


Your perfect pasta: Spaghetti Marinara

Your Pasta Personality: Serious, edgy, an optimist, a night out is visiting new and exciting bars with great reviews

Where it’s good: Molto at Kingston Foreshore