QT have just launched the ultimate digital detox package. It’s called Power Down, funnily enough it’s being compared to flight mode IRL (in real life). Guests will be asked to handover devices upon arrival for a self-imposed 12-hour breakup with your phone, but don’t worry you’ll hardly notice it’s missing

Unlike the Digital Wellbeing dashboard, used to help track your screen time and auto switch you to night mode, this package is a full-on device blackout. A stay-cation usually seems a little indulgent, yet this is something I can get around. It’s a break from emails, Facebook notifications and DM’s. Mum, please don’t try call.

Complimentary wellness bowls have been introduced including a choice of the Sea & Omega Bowl, Essential Green Bowl or a Ferment and Nourish Bowl. Juices, supplements, wine and cheese will replace the love affair you have with your phone. Keeping in line with the plane theme, the Plane Food Box is a clever take. Two-boiled free-range sumac eggs, bran muffin, raw cashews, smashed avo, Pepe Saya butter, warm brioche bun and cultured yogurt. I don’t remember receiving that on my last trip!

A few mindful extras will aid in the absence of your phone. Beauty Chef’s GLOW powder to boost gut health and glowing skin, a Luv Sum protein ball and a yoga mat with love from lululemon to get your entire body moving – not just your scrolling thumb for a change.

As my apple watch would say – you’ve closed all your rings! Oops, sounds about time to get re-acquainted with myself.